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Hope you can not kill Tolokonnikova, maim, even beaten, but ...

Запись от Кирилл Сызранский размещена 09.11.2013 в 01:43

Hope Tolokonnikova not kill , maim , even beaten, but ...

Honestly, I can not imagine where else it is possible: the world's most famous Russian woman ( after the president , of course) is not known where , with her at this time can do anything - and all this within the framework of the law.

Hope Tolokonnikova was transferred from Mordovia and - " legally " - hide her new abode . Relatives, lawyers do not know where she is. Improved or worsened her situation ? Can it be treated? Hound to her fellow inmates , as practiced in Mordovia?

These are questions without answers. There was no need to rock the boat - that is , presumably, 's message , addressed not only the barman , but the entire population of the country.

Hope you can not kill Tolokonnikova , maim , even beat - it is too well known , it is possible, however , operating strictly according to the law , to poison her last three months of his release to the wild at first she had to be treated for a long time , and then the rest of his life to combat torture memory. In the case of Pussy Riot shows us all a measure of public vengeance . They are systematically denied parole , pressed humiliating punishments , afflict many hours of the day and excess addition reproached for not participating in amateur . All this was done openly , defiantly , with the explicit approval of the supreme - we learn this writing, this persistent rancor , an end in itself , nepragmaticheskuyu , to the detriment of themselves though.

The power to show mercy , quickly gaining ground , but the current Russian government does not matter. When it comes to the fearless enemy , the authority ceases to think about the benefits and loses self-control residues .

Khodorkovsky and Tolokonnikova were in the same row. Along with the President , they are the top three most mentioned Russians. It is natural - equal and opposite action . From Tolokonnikova did not only star, but the saint.

Now it does not matter who approves and who does not approve of action Pussy Riot. Importantly, it was more effective than the others, because the power has forced fast and hard to discredit themselves . And now it is important to know where Tolokonnikova . Because of its place in history is undeniable, but the martyrs , honestly , in this very short stories and so . The really big question is formulated today is simple: God bless them , the migrants , with the Academy of Sciences and even corruption - but whether the country can quietly watch as the power of the whole mass of pushing a young woman , the mother of five children , and then, in retaliation for miraculously made ​​public disclosure , this woman is hiding somewhere, far away from any control? Can we tolerate this and like the way it should ?

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