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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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Hallmarks of silver. France. General survey

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In this article you will learn the history of hallmarking of precious metal in France, will focus on the products of silver. Modern standard established in France in the XIX century , and since then no longer changed. Therefore, in general the definition of the sample silver antiques from France difficulties will not arise. History of the development of brands in France is presented in condensed form in the table below .

Part One . Sample products .
    According to the table is easy to identify by the stigma which time the segment belongs to the product , and samples of metal which it is made . Each column is divided into two parts: the left - gold, right - silver. Silver hallmarks from 1798 to 1819 were in the form of rooster (coq). The number 1 next to the silver rooster meant higher standard - 950, number 2 - silver 800 samples . C 1819 to 1838 for silver was found in the form of stigma head men (vieillard). Beginning with the 1838 single stamp image was a woman's head in profile - Minerva. If silver higher standard - 950, in the upper right corner is the number 1 . If silver 800 samples , then in the lower right - figure 2 .

    If the product has been manufactured in France and prednaznachalost for export, export stamp was put - head of a man in profile, pointing to the left - Mercury. If the silver was 950 in the lower left corner of the figure was set to 1 if the sample 800 , the figure 2 . On all imported products imported was put stamp - swan in the oval frame. With these stamps can be found in the table.

On examination, you will find products that are hallmarks in several places, usually on every detail of the product. For example, when viewed from a kettle or jug with lid stigma will stand on the leg , and the body there on the cover. If the handle is made of silver , the stamp will stand on it. On the fine details of products or simply to put small objects usually stigma small guarantee - crab or boar's head. These stamps are also on the table.

Part Two . Determination of the date and place of production .

Determine the exact date of manufacture is quite difficult , because no special stamps for this is not provided. The product can be identified in time to style and characteristic features . This information can be found in the article - Features a variety of styles . And also possible to accurately determine the time of manufacture of the product by the manufacturer hallmarks . To do this, use the catalogs examples of stamps different masters and verify that you have on the subject. If found stigma and master defined , just look at what period the company sootstvuet available brand. Stigma usually change over time . Accuracy determinations in this case is different and can range from 5 to 15-20 years.

Place of manufacture meets the registered workshop, which can also be found in their respective directories .
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