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Notes "addict". Almost on FM Dostoevsky. Or Bulgakov?

Запись от Черномашенцев Владимир размещена 27.07.2009 в 21:58

I confess, reveal his secret:
I am not an artist, I like that from the Chukchi jokes: "Chukchi not the reader, Chukchi - a writer." I - Collector. I do not have a special thin. education because of their unlearned can write and talk all crap. I buy what I like, rather than art historians. What and confess honestly. My opinion novice and amateur can not hurt anyone. I did not hide his name. What is there to ask me ...
But when it comes to updating my collection is still modest, I showed clear signs of chronic alcoholic or drug addict. Once in a good commercial gallery or in the workshop of interest to me an artist, I can pull all the money available at that time in your purse. Well, that little art galleries, artists, and especially to accept payment by bank card. After the stock rubles, my playful hands often reach NZ in a few notes of green currency. And then have to go to the Rhone and beloved wife, that would immediately take a thousand rubles for gasoline - to get to the ATM. Because my wife look at my hobby sternly: "All have the money in the house, and you're out of the house - it is not clear on what you spend ..." - she often nags me. Well, the women - being nice, but mundane.
I will not lie, that I am a great collector. Being relatively well, I recently realized that I'm not rich. And hardly able to earn billions of dollars and euros. Because my costs are limited to art - I always envied his comrades type Vekselberg. I would have the budgets for the purchase - I would have been able to dispose of them better! 20-30 years could be at the root of buying the whole dignified Russia (and ex-Soviet) painting in 50 years to have the best slice of art early 21 century. Ay, billionaires! I pay quite a winning idea in good hands! Free.
But I have to always complain that my income is not enough to buy what I like, because I have to choose and hard bargaining with the artists. No patron I, alas, no philanthropist. Fortunately, that lack of talented artists, and many underestimated. That's someone else's grief is another man for good. My purchases are limited to the upper limit of some thousands of dollars. I love the three-digit or four-digit numbers. Moreover, now prefer to buy art mini-kollektsiyamii of 10-20 pc, which allows to hint at wholesale discounts. Vile? What to do - so I get along in God and the devil, a lover of beauty and cold businessman.
So, after such advertisement (or anti-advertisement), allow to occupy your precious time interesting small stories about the world of art, or pictures from my personal collection.
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