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All artists interested in the issue landscape. All the best pictures created in the theme of landscape, distinguished by one thing in common - the immediacy and poetic display of wildlife. Ability to convey the originality of colors and forms, see the beauty even in places where nature is the same splendor and colorful, depicting familiar in the landscape. Landscape known as the artistic image type locality with the objects of nature. Among the established genres of fine art, landscape occupies a central position. The best landscapes can be traced ability to observe nature, to see it all, ignoring secondary. Of a well-compiled in a picture with good composition in the depicted fragments of nature or a landscape with a wide space. Urban landscape shows not only nature but also the characteristics of reality. The beauty of nature emphasizes transfer of deep space. Completed landscape produces a holistic impression is the state of nature, depth and volume to shapes. Creativity requires the artist's concentration and immersion into the world of images to create. Tendency to maximize accurate display of nature in art is called naturalism. Any image - it is always a subjective vision of the artist. In the XIX century artists to paint, is actively using the rules of perspective, with naturalistic accuracy reflecting reality. XX century was a period of prosperity in different directions in art, and a simultaneous search for new unconventional means of expression. All this is reflected in the landscape. Landscape has always been a popular topic. Artists introduced into the landscape of every kind innovations and interpretations designed to emphasize the stylistic features. The artist must have a developed imagination, have a common culture and craftsmanship. Skill involves not only equipment performance but also the ability to observe nature, to select and compile. All shades of the landscape in nature are subject to one color, present in all elements of the landscape. This system determines the overall color color sketches. In realistic painting color serves as a means truthful display of wildlife. The artist must be able to notice the subtle nuances of color combinations, and displaying it in a picture, not create repeatable landscape image. Artistic display of nature is unthinkable without reference to its various states. Very valuable expression of the state of nature, which corresponds to the motif of the landscape. By genre of landscape is depicted in an open environment: mountains, fields, meadows, view of the sea, landscapes, streets, buildings, etc. The landscape is always associated with the concept of space. It can be both natural and created by man. Depending on the motive there are two main areas of the landscape: natural and architectural. Rural landscape combines natural and architectural features. Landscapes with natural motifs of nature: the sea (Marina), plain (portrayed fields and rivers), forest and mountain. Distinguish the same views to show specific, really existing motive, and landscapes that are the fruit of imagination of the artist. There are several ways to write the landscape: the open air, from memory or imagination. Are the most realistic landscapes painted in the open air. Landscapes painted from memory or imagination may be different original composition. Under natural conditions, there is converging perspective, perceived by us as an imaginary gathering of Parallel lines and imaginary prospective reduction, as well as air and atmospheric. Color change as the distance image is called aerial perspective. Atmospheric perspective - is the transfer using black and white and color treatments determine the atmospheric conditions in nature. Light and nature of lighting in the landscape are important and are one of the expressive possibilities of creating an artistic image. Landscape - is creativity, which requires the artist's intellectual work, inspiration and imagination. Source www.v-protasov.ru
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