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Chinese artist Li Tianxiang was born in 1928 in Jing County of Hebei province. In 1946 he was accepted into the National art school of Beijing (now the Central Academy of fine Arts). In 1953, Li Tianxiang went to the Soviet Union where he studied at the Leningrad Academy of fine arts. Repin at the Department of oil painting. He graduated from the Academy and received the title" художника". After returning to China, he was appointed Director of the Studio at the oil painting Department of Central Academy of fine arts in Beijing. In 1985, he became the Dean of the Academy of fine arts of Shanghai University.

Li Tianxiang pays special attention to the unity of truth, goodness and beauty in art, the perfect unity of artistic form and profound content, high emotion and rationality. Also special attention he refers to the expression and lyricism in the color expression.

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