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Exhibition of achievements of national economy - 1

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In 2019 one of the symbols of Moscow ENEA 80 years.

4878453_vyndh_002t (700x525, 73Kb)

ENEA was one of the main venues that hosted all sorts of events. There are various festivals, concerts, entertainment and education.

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was there in the summer. Then I managed to write three posts about the festival" Спасская tower", which took place at the Exhibition. Now would like to continue.

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Annually it is visited by 30 million people.

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the Story of the Main exhibition of the country began in February 1935-го when the II all-Union Congress of collective farmers-ударников it was decided to open in 1937 (20-летию the October revolution) agricultural exhibition.

4878453_vyndh_008 (700x525, 262Kb)

of the many projects submitted for the competition were selected the project of architect V. Oltarzhevsky.

4878453_vyndh_010 (700x525, 292Kb)

the composition of the master plan included three main level: entrance area in front of the Main pavilion, the area of the USSR (the area of the Farms) and production center of agriculture of the pavilion of Mechanization (modern" Космос").

4878453_vyndh_007t (700x524, 74Kb)

In 1935, virtually by hand, a primitive method, thousands of former peasants began to implement their idea. To date has been to complete the construction did not, and the triumph moved.

4878453_vyndh_005 (700x525, 274Kb)

In 1938-м the construction site was visited by the governmental Commission and issued a negative verdict: the exhibition seemed too modest, do not meet the ideological essence of the moment.

4878453_vyndh_009 (700x525, 227Kb)

the Oltarzhevsky was arrested for political denunciation, built according to his design was broken and rebuilt, but the overall layout is preserved. Chief architect appointed Sergei Chernyshev.

4878453_vyndh_011 (700x525, 289Kb)

the Exhibition is called all-Union Agricultural (agricultural exhibition), and to participate in it was considered the highest honor.

4878453_vyndh_012 (700x525, 236Kb)

Agriculture, awarded the diploma of I degree received 10, 000 and a car, and was awarded the diploma of II – 5, 000 and a motorcycle.

4878453_vyndh_013t (700x510, 78Kb)

For leaders of agriculture was established on 1 000 2 000 large and small gold medals, 3 000 15 000 large and small silver.

4878453_vyndh_014 (700x525, 236Kb)

the Opening took place on 1 August 1939. For the rest of the summer the exhibition was visited by 3.5 million people. A Grand exhibition complex is spread over an area of 136 hectares, built more than 250 large and small buildings, parks, flower gardens, squares and fountains, paved streets, planted orchards.

4878453_vyndh_015 (700x525, 247Kb)

At the time of the interrupt the narrative. Before us the monorail.

4878453_vyndh_464 (700x525, 289Kb)

Let"s stand for him to look down.

4878453_vyndh_466t (700x520, 73Kb)

the distance the hotel Space.

4878453_vyndh_465t (700x525, 51Kb)

Right monument" Покорителям космоса".

4878453_vyndh_467t (700x525, 70Kb)

the line on the overpass, which at the time was presented as the most modern, cheap and noiseless form of transport were started in 2004. Her length is 4.7 km.

4878453_vyndh_468 (700x525, 243Kb)

With the opening of three new metro stations passenger traffic of the monorail fell by 15%. Monorail became unprofitable.

4878453_vyndh_469 (700x525, 262Kb)

his Fate is not yet decided. Worked out various projects of reconstruction monorail.

4878453_vyndh_470 (700x525, 282Kb)

However, this is a huge scientific achievement – the northernmost monorail in the world, fit for harsh winters.

4878453_vyndh_016 (700x525, 255Kb)

Down from the monorail. In front of the main entrance at ENEA.

4878453_vyndh_019 (700x525, 210Kb)

in the distance you see two 58-этажные tower" Триколор" a height of 192 meters.

4878453_vyndh_024 (700x525, 217Kb)

the Main entrance is a triumphal arch which was built in 1951 – 1954. author of the project – I. Malchikov.

4878453_vyndh_021 (700x525, 235Kb)

the Arch consists of six pairs of columns, a complete entablature. The columns are decorated with bas-reliefs with images of representatives of agricultural professions.

4878453_vyndh_025 (700x525, 260Kb)

On the frieze above the Central opening of the arch is a bas-relief with the coat of arms of the USSR surrounded by banners.

4878453_vyndh_022t (700x512, 60Kb)

the arch is Crowned with the sculpture" Тракторист and collective farm girl" (sculptor S. Orlov), symbolizing industry and agriculture.

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