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Friend of crown Prince Alexei and pet Gaidai

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As the companion of the crown Prince Alexei and pet Gaidai became the father of many children, without knowing it: the George Svetlani

the Whole life of this actor was amazing. In childhood he was a friend of crown Prince Alexei and the object of the exercise in pictures daughters of Nicholas II. He began acting in films in 46 years, played many prominent roles and only one chief, in the film by elem Klimov," sports, Sports, sports". Viewers remember him in" the Caucasian captive" in the image of man, which the hero Vitsin passes a mug of beer, and in" Diamond hand" in an accompanying terrible housekeeper.

a Favorite of crown Prince Alexei

young Guards George Pinkowski.

his Whole life from birth was like an exciting adventure. It all started with the moment he was born February 3, 1895, when a simple rural teacher came by chance into the house of Daniel and Anastasia Pinkowski in the village Svichkivka in Poltava, had to take delivery.

the Wife of the head of the family when included women suddenly fainted, and the teacher had to assume the responsibilities of the midwife. She also prophesied the baby: he will be honored in the military. After the priest who conducted the baptism of a baby, messed up the name and instead of egorushka called him Gregory.

Gregory Pinkowski (left) with her sister Eugenia and brother Peter.

When the baby is a little older, the family moved to the capital, where the father immediately identified the youngest son in the school"s boys, after which Gregory Minkovskogo enlisted soloist of the choir in the Imperial yacht" Standart". Already at that time, Gregory was an extraordinary artistry. Thanks to his ability to cheer anyone, and expertly dancing on his hands, he became a companion of the crown Prince for two whole years. Daughters of the king just at that period practiced in photography and every day gave a bright-eyed boy in the picture, but still commanded the Royal photographer to shoot Grinko on film.

Alexei Nikolaevich (center) among Jung"s yacht" Shtandart". Third from the left - Gregory Pinkowski. 1907

After the dismissal with a" Standard" Gregory Pinkowski tried to master many professions. As a result, he became a conductor, he learned to play the violin, taught dances, and even served as Regent. And then on the advice and recommendations of the Meyerhold became a student of the theatre Institute, where he was accepted without exams. He became an entertainer, he toured a lot. It so happened that the papers got his name wrong, putting George instead of Gregory. But the name of" Svetlana" was taken by the actor consciously in honor of a very important event in his life.

Unexpected happiness

Gregory Pinkowski. 1911

Fate brought him to the city of Kirsanov in Tambov region, where he met he at the dance with his Apollinaria. The girl once appeared on the dance floor in an old dress and with what-то incredible white handkerchief on his shoulders. Gregory Pinkowski fell in love instantly. He stood, thunderstruck, however, was able to quickly pull myself together and asked a stranger to dance.

Young people began to meet and only after Grinka did offer his Palengke, suddenly heard: she has already been married. However, the past lover had almost no interest. However, the surprises that he has presented to the spouse during the first three years of marriage, he was not quite ready.

George Of Svetlana.

Charming Apollinaire was indeed married to a wealthy pole who lived with him in the big house and even managed to acquire three children. Upon learning that her husband was not keeping her loyalty, a young woman 21 years old decisively took the kids and left the traitor.

George of Svetlana (right), shot from a film" Kotovsk".

And after she became the wife of Gregory Minkovskogo each year introduced a spouse with child. In General-то, he did not consider the children of Polanki a hindrance to happiness, but still I dreamed to become a dad.

During a tour in Sweden in 1925, Grigory Danilovich received an urgent telegram in which the wife reported to him about the birth of his daughter, Svetlana. With emotion, happy father for the first time wrote the lyrics.

So he took the pseudonym of Svetlana. Soon, from-за confusion in documents of the artist was renamed the George and since all knew him as George of Svetlana, the unsurpassed master of disguise and the real king of the episode.

With his wife George of Svetlana lived together for many years. They began to act together on stage, and they are incredibly colorful, the Duo enjoyed success with the audience. When George and Apollinarius went on stage, the audience immediately began to smile involuntarily.

George Of Svetlana.

She was a tall statuesque beauty with a Regal bearing that always drew the attention of men. George of Svetlani was small and wizened, very emotional and eccentric. In the program" 2-Светлани-2" they played on the contrast and looked very comical.

George of Svetlana (right) a frame from the film" prisoner of the Caucasus".

George of Svetlani daughter loved, I think, more than anything. He touchingly cared for her, called the Sun and hurry to it as soon as had a spare minute. He told the girl about his childhood and about the partnership with Tsarevich Aleksei, talked about countries and cities which he had visited.

George of Svetlana (right), shot from a film" diamond hand".

Svetlana, when he grew up, also became an actress, graduated from the first musical-театральное school, then GITIS, played in the variety theater" Hermitage", after the Moscow theater transport, and then worked in the Mosconcert and women"s dance orchestra. After completing artistic career, she became a music teacher.

George of Svetlana, a scene from the movie" TASS is authorized to declare".

George of Svetlani proud of daughter"s success even more than their own. His life was bright, full of events and interesting meetings. He was a happy man, George of Svetlana, the companion of the crown Prince, a loving husband and caring dad.

He was one of those actors, which the audience knew in the face, but could not remember the name and was called the films in which they starred. And all because George Danilovich – unsurpassed master of the scene.

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