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Elizabeth – Russian Empress

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1709 - 1761
Empress of Russia, the youngest daughter of Emperor Peter I and Catherine I.
was Born in 1709, two years before the official marriage in February 1712 her parents. At the head of the state was in the period from 1741 to 1761.

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Elizaveta Petrovna was the favorite daughter of Emperor Peter the Great. Even the celebration of the victory over Charles XII in the Poltava battle he postponed and, instead, commanded to celebrate the birth of his daughter. In addition, the name" Лизетт" wore snows (small sailing ship), which he built for his project, and the daughter"s birthday fell on September 5, the day of the righteous Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist.
6 March 1711, she received the title Princess, and in 1721-м – princes.
Elizaveta Petrovna, as noted in the sources and eyewitness accounts, was beautiful and was noted for great skill in dancing. Beautifully wrote and spoke fluent French. Daughter of the great Emperor loved hunting, horse riding and boat riding. Really cared about her beauty. After her death left a giant wardrobe of various outfits.
it was Planned that she would marry Carl-Августа Holstein, but the marriage did not take place in connection with the death of the latter. More attempts to marry Elizabeth did not take.

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Elizabeth – Russian Empress
In the country was increasing dissatisfaction with the reign of Anna Ivanovna and Biron. More and more Russian nobles wanted to see on the throne the daughter of Peter. To November 25, 1741, after the death of Anna Ioannovna, the heir of which is the young Prince John VI, was a plot. Its initiator was the Lestok and the personal music teacher of the Princess Schwartz. On this day, resorting to the help of the Preobrazhensky regiment, 32-летняя Elizabeth became Empress. The whole family of Anna Ivanovna and the young ruler John VI was sent into the fortress. In April 1742 was held in Moscow lush coronation. Balls, masquerades on this occasion was an endless series.
Policy Elizabeth
Empress said that he was going to continue the policies of his father, Peter the Great. She restored the role of the Senate, Chief magistrates, Provision of the College, Manufactories- Berg-коллегию. At the head of all departments faced the people who were in favor of Anna Ivanovna and helped Elizabeth become the head of state. Quickly changed the trade between the regions, were banks took the reform of taxation. Expanded the rights of the nobility. For the first time in the country had ceased to apply the death penalty, softened punishment in the army, and serfs ceased to be flogged to death. This one does not restrict the right of landowners to decide the fate of the peasants. People sold wholesale and retail, were exiled to Siberia.
Only for the last years of the reign of Elizabeth the country was rocked by more than sixty peasant uprisings, which were suppressed with extreme cruelty.
With the new Empress was a marked improvement in the development of science, education and culture. It is the Board different historians associate with the beginning of the Enlightenment in Russia.
Under her leadership, a reorganization of existing schools, increased the number of primary schools. Was founded by Moscow University and the Academy of arts, in different towns there were grammar school.

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the Foreign policy of Elizabeth
On account of Elizabeth"s two major victories in wars (the Russo-шведская and Seven), in these wars Russia has restored the shattered prestige in Europe.
Russian troops overran East Prussia with königsberg in 1760 temporarily seized Berlin. Unfortunately, all territorial gains were lost with the accession to the Russian throne heir of Elizabeth Peter III. The Russian Empire lost all its gains and the gift killed many of their people and resources.
Elizabeth died in December 1761 from bleeding from the throat. Medicine in this case powerless. The Empress was buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Санкт-Петербурге.

Film" Елизавета Petrovna. Way to the throne"

Elizaveta Petrovna, the future Empress was the Russian soul and heart. And all who hated foreign domination in the Royal court and stood for the Russian spirit found in her his idol. Everywhere it met with enthusiastic signs and unfeigned love to him." Хватит Germans", – matured political plot in favor of" дщери Peter". The film tells the story of how Elizabeth came to the throne on 25 November 1741.

Film" Елизавета Only: Board daughter of Peter"

Text: https://histrf.ru/lichnosti/biografii/p/ielizavieta-pietrovna

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