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movies with amazing clarity captures the reality. To create these photorealistic drawings require considerable time, because every detail must be drawn very accurately. Before you – a canvas of 20 artists ready to compete with the camera...

Artists sit above each picture dozens, if not hundreds of hours before you expose your work to critical acclaim. Considerable tenacity and talent of the artists made these portraits than-то more than just copy pictures. To them, the vision of the artist, the emotions and the illusion of the world in which we live.

Diego Fazio



the Appearance of each new painting by Diego Facio artist in the Network is accompanied by a wave of comments in the spirit" не believe that this drawing by"," неубедительно" and in the same spirit. Had 22-летнему master of pencil drawings to share secrets of creativity.

Hyperrealism-самоучка Diego Fazio started with sketches for tattoos. Inspired by the work of Japanese artists of the Edo period, the great Katsushika Hokusai in particular, Diego began to hone their skills, while developing his own technique of drawing.

It works like an inkjet printer, starting to paint from the edge of the sheet. Uses pencils and charcoal. The creation of one portrait takes 200 hours.

Yigal Ozeri




Yigal Ozeri — is a contemporary artist from new-Йорка. Yigal incredibly accurately conveys the play of light and shadow, reflections and sun glare, and thus masterfully creates the illusion of a photo.

the Process of creating these amazing hyperrealistic paintings consists of several stages. First, the artist takes pictures of models in natural surroundings. Further, in her Studio, it processes and prints photos, and only then paints.

Many pictures Yigal creates the whole series, which further leads people to be confused about the authenticity of works that, in General, and it is clear — rare master able so precisely to create the illusion of the real world.

Gottfried Helnwein


Gottfried Helnwein — Austrian and Irish artist. In his works he uses mostly watercolor. Helnwein — conceptual artist. He worked as a painter, draftsman, photographer, sculptor and artist, using all sides of his talent.

Kamaki Laureano



Mexican hyperrealism Kamalky Laureano specializiruetsya for portraiture. Like all works of Hyper pattern Kamali look photographically natural and realistic. Kamali applies the technique of painting with acrylic paints on canvas. For him work is not just an imitation of photography, and imitation of life, which he embodies on canvas.

Matthew Doust


Artist Mattew Dust was born in 1984 in Santa Monica, California (USA). Despite his still young age already quite well-known. Exhibitions of his realistic paintings are held worldwide and adorn many famous galleries.

Ricardo Garduno



Artist Ricardo Garduno uses to implement their ideas watercolor and pastel. This process is quite time consuming, but the result is really impressive.

Ruben Belloso


World-renowned artist Ruben Belloso draws people as they are, with all their flaws and virtues, not missing a single stroke, thoroughly painting every wrinkle, every fold, every point on the face and every hair on his head. Portraits as if alive. They are able to communicate with the audience and to follow your every look and chance to turn its watchful eye on your emotions.

Simon Hennessey


British artist Simon Hennessey draws portraits in the style of hyperrealism, creating a pattern almost indistinguishable from photographs. He mostly works with acrylic paint. His work is frequently exhibited in various art galleries.

" Мои paintings are perceived as a reflection of reality, but actually it is not, they go beyond art in its own, abstract reality. Using the camera as the source of the real picture, I can create false illusions which are regarded as our own reality", — says about his work the artist.

Taner Ceylan



Famous Turkish artist, painting in the style of hyperrealism, specializing in the reproduction of photographs. For his works he uses mostly acrylic.

tuna Ferit


Another Turkish artist who plays with the precision of people"s faces in portraits. Currently teaches at the faculty of graphic design fundamentals of illustration.

Olga Larionova



" Вы still believe that a better picture of the portrait? You are greatly mistaken!" — wrote on his page the author portraits Olga Larionova. Being an interior designer and an architect, Olga all his life loved to draw. A few years ago she was fascinated by hyperrealism — detailed transfer of the depicted object, from which the drawings are similar to the photo.

Andrew Talbot


Renowned British artist Andrew Talbot engaged in a pattern of 15 years, and since 2002, earns his living by his compositions. Stunning realism and vivid colors make his style one of the most recognizable, which puts him in the ranks of the best in the business.

Armin Mersmann



Just a simple pencil of medium hardness and paper, — nothing more that the author used in the work. No blending, except that a small" разрисовки" finger and slate chippings to create textures, make the pictures in the volume, and portraits — realism. Of course, most time is spent on drawing the details and little things, because without them the picture is just unfinished, and the image — unfinished.

Dirk Dzimirsky



Talented German artist Dirk Dzimirsky she uses charcoal, pencil and pastels. Like most geniuses in art, the work of this author deserve the highest praise.

Paul Cadden


Hard to believe, but the Scottish artist Paul Cadden prefers the creativity of Vera Mukhina. Moreover, the impact of outstanding Soviet sculptor beginning to be felt, if you look at his paintings are very abstract.

Nothing strange in them there: the color of the main and only theme is the same: grey and dark grey. There is nothing to be surprised — is the only tool the author — slate pencil. It is enough to analyze the effect of drops of water frozen on the face exactly at the moment.

to Doubt the genius of the author is not necessary, these works in the near future will be in demand in the Museum of modern art.

Brian Drury


American painter Bryan Drury graduated in 2007 new-Йоркскую Academy of Arts and since then works in the genre of realism. Winner of many prestigious awards in the U.S. and Europe.

Eloy Morales


Eloy Morales Romiro — Spanish artist who has a unique talent detailed view of the photos on canvas. The author says about his work:" Мне interesting to work with reality, to reflect it in my paintings, I try to stick to the line where reality coexists in natural form with my inner world.

important For me to pass through paintings my vision of things. I believe in the immense power of the imagination and its infinite возможности".

Rafaella Spence


Impressed by the view of Umbrian countryside, meet insatiable raphaella Spence turned to the creation of urban landscapes. In 2000 she held her first solo exhibition in Italy, won the recognition of critics and recognition from many art critics of the press.

paintings by the artist are in many private, public and corporate collections in the United States of America, Canada, England, Russia, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Samuel Silva


29-летнему lawyer from Portugal Samuel Silva managed to shock and amuse the countless Internet-пользователей worldwide, creating and uploading to the Network a shocking picture with the red-haired girl took a photo.

Artist-самоучка explains that while working on his drawings, he uses only eight colors." У, I have eight colored ballpoint pens, for this drawing I used six of them plus black. It is an ordinary ballpoint pens". Thus, according to Silva, he never mixes colors: he just touches imposes several layers of ink, thus creating the illusion of blending and the illusion of using colors, which he is actually there.

Carl Brenders


Carl Brenders — worldwide famous Belgian artist-натуралист. Previously, Karl draws the pencil sketches. Then, based on these sketches, creates a pattern. Works in mixed media, using gouache and watercolor. This technique is an artist with a great work ethic and zeal for creativity honed over twenty-five years!


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