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How to unleash the artist

Запись от Валерий Рыбаков размещена 18.03.2010 в 11:27

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Now try to explain in detail how to go to these forums.
First, the gallery should be active commercial exhibition activities for 3-5 years.
On very steep forums go directly from the start (even if you have money) not really. As you know, all great art. forums - is like a complimentary platform, but in this great forum.
Go have a lower level - which is also not bad in principle.
Then, after participating in visitation projects, you may be allowed in the main pavilion. Of course it is very important, what you represent.
For that picture, he wants to move in this direction, there is one good way. Visits forums second tier - HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, ShContemporary. Shanghai, China, ART Forum Berlin. Berlin, ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH. Zurich, Switzerland, Toronto International Art Fair. Toronto, Canada, the Istanbul Biennial. Turkey, the Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art. France, Art. Dubai.
Then you can have more serious storm forums and a very big chance that the one gallery, which is good will that was written - a lot of chances to get to the highest forum.
With regard to the financial component. Yes it is present and investments are needed is not small. (But it's like in any business)
And it's worth noting that these costs will be okupleny gallery, if it has a clip is good artists (who will be selling).
And now, it's not a lot of mathematics. Say gallery is active and has a desire to move higher.
With good material and a good team, a better chance that the gallery will not lose out. Yes, some time should not count on super profits, but the main thing here is not income, and the presence of a particular forum.
As you know, the gallery is cluttered bonds and acquire fame.
Then it goes on much easier and goes a good sale.
The initial task of the gallery - it is part and promote their artists ... ..
Gagosian did not immediately become Gagosyanom -))))
But this path must pass any gallery that wants to really enter the world art. market.
But as I said, our gallery is just the shops that want to sell (vtulit) what, the oligarch, or just a rich man the goods (often not the quality)
Now this is based on our gallery. Art for the implementation -0))))
interesting communication
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