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Art and entertainment

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Art, as I understand it, was conceived in the depths of the centuries as belonging to religious mysteries. And it was beautiful, because it is impossible for God to do ugly.
But where there rise and fall. The man raised the "golden calf" and demanded "bread and circuses". Art has become entertainment.
I understand it is not possible to require all love classical music, think about the philosophy of Plato and the greatness of Velazquez. But if we are not taught in the school account, it is unlikely we ourselves began to study arithmetic, because in essence, an ordinary man, with its minimal set of desires and needs, and many do not.
The artist must think about the high, because he opened a little more than others. This is his ancestors created the ark of the covenant, the great ancient statues, temples and pyramids, divine frescoes, icons and paintings. This is his ancestors created all the splendor that and now admired by all those who are able to understand and appreciate beauty.
"Every creative person should be a great fighter."
Mstislav Rostropovich
No need to stoop to the level of the ignorant majority, to please him in his vile needs, earning his weaknesses and limitations. Many do not win more than lose. Lose your talent because falling into the lower system, get out of it is almost impossible.
"We are facing the threat of the death of civilization. This death has nothing to do with my or your death, the death of any person, which we can shoot before they shoot us. Violence that death can neither hasten nor postpone. Civilization birth and death is not a flag-waving and the crackle of machine guns on the streets, and in the darkness and in silence, when no one knows. Such events are never advertised in the newspapers. was only many years later, some people look back and start to understand what happened . "
Robin Collingwood
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