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"Maybe everything can be"

Запись от Лина Хеккель размещена 12.03.2011 в 02:06
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The first picture I saw at the show Pivovarova "they" - diptych "Lovers" in 2007. It is strongly separated from all others on the basis of his "custom-built." Among the many colorful circles "against" it somehow resonates strongly.

Two composed paintings. At each bust ... anyone? men and women. But the fact that they are representatives of different sexes is not immediately clear. Immediately Pivovarov's very little that is understandable. We must look closely, and even more to solve, because painting he often turns to puzzles in the trap for the mind, checking for care.
Recall at least something magical glow of the burners at the stove turned off in the film "Yaishnitsa" (2005). So here, too. Zrazy not understand separation of M and J. The two nearly identical half-bald head, almond-eyed.
In the first figure is the earring, the second - no.
One - an eye open and eye-lashes, the other - dropped and no eyelashes.
In one smooth lips, the other - a little wrinkled.
One - the collarbone heavily favored, the other - weaker.
Comparing the left and right sides, you feel like a child, wistfully looked for differences in seemingly identical pictures on the page "Find ten differences.
But the charter led through the eyes back and forth, stopping in the middle.
Going after the Buddhist serenity depicted, I would like to dissolve in the void that develops between them. But here's the drama is going to cut with an imaginary "dao".
If a head were missing are not the same, but different parts, namely, her - left, ask him - right, then to obtain the space, designed in the form of a vessel, or at least some bowls as a repository of energies of the two lovers . A bowl for two, total, that both are equally filled and both of her drink. But such a harmonious, almost idealistic picture does not work, because his eyes, wanting to disappear, to sink deep in the middle of this space is divided by sharp corners, splinters of the failed or broken vessel. Harmony, peace, tranquility, which were transferred at the beginning, the entire eastern flair - as the smoke dissipates.
Instead of love and understanding arise bitterness and division, instead of the quiet-experience - questioning and the silence. Instead of a happy love - a love drama. The dynamics of passion hidden in a static external form - a form that tries to keep the bunch of feelings and emotions "in love", but does not hold.
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