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in precise detail photos on canvas or with a slight change in her - in
Hyperrealism think there can be art , in this case, in my opinion
it is in the photo .
  Hyperrealism for me as an art - a photograph , and artists who strive for accurate transmission of photos on canvas , or create a picture paints that picture can spend time in vain . such artists after the invention of photography can prirovnyat to Xerox .

  and to use photography as a source for the image memories and emotions to the painting , the prints on canvas with a subsequent letter to him as a source of support for the formation of a new way of working with Photoshop and I personally do not see anything terrible .
  there are quite a few artists use the possibilities of photography and photoshop , computer out of the hands which sometimes goes art .

edinstennoe now giperrealistam artists the opportunity to rehabilitate himself to art , to discover in the best of their talents. with the advent of 3d- galleries of their ability to be snapped up .
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