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Happy New Year!

Запись от Olga777 размещена 01.01.2011 в 14:21
Обновил(-а) Olga777 30.01.2013 в 08:52

Happy New Year !

January 1 - my favorite day of the year . Because quiet.
I love the silence, and not only in the sense that nowhere is booming . I love the silence of space, when all the stops in this world as the first day of creation. No fuss, no unnecessary thoughts, there is nothing that can distract you from seeing the rest .
So I like to get up early that day. This is the quiet time of the year. So , probably, would look perfect world. Peace love and harmony. Many people can not stand silence, because for many , the silence - is void , the end of life.
For me , the silence - this is the beginning of everything. Only in silence, I can see the images and sounds of life. Every year I look forward to a good luck to enjoy the solitude of a winter morning , when the world is immersed in the silence of ...
I - happy!
Everyone has their own idea of ​​happiness and I wish everyone to be happy on your way! >
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