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How to unleash the artist

Запись от Валерий Рыбаков размещена 10.02.2010 в 12:38

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Valery, do not get so categorically "ALMOST FREE". I have tried both - first present, to write the truth as things are really, in this case the truth does not hurt but no-frills briefly and concisely, the long text is tiring, let look at your work site, to offer select any of them interested as well would suggest to them if any of zalezhatsya change them without any problems at the new elected, promised to listen to their opinions and desires, the price has actual adequate in view of cheating gallery.
But in general would do well to turn to a professional, but really, to pay the money that he gave good advice "that your painting is not so, what to look, etc. I think a true professional will be able to give useful advice.
In this case, time is more valuable than money.
Although I can look with its bell tower, I have the costs of material are now 300 to 600 U.S. dollars per job, I set myself a plan to do one or two of work a week, I will not prevaricate, I have neither of which has not sold. Ie part of my life is that that would earn at work and half time for creativity itself.
And believe me I would have paid for something that will give me the opportunity to quickly start earning on your creativity.
interesting idea
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