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Advise on how the artist to get loose and move

Запись от Валерий Рыбаков размещена 05.01.2010 в 18:02

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Dear Valery. In order to move from the spot you just need to act! After the theory and knowledge you get from Ineta. But the practical implementation should be exactly in the movement ... Take a few of his works and follow in the direction of all the art spaces, places clusters of galleries, artists, art lovers. A fear of big cities is not worth it. If you want to succeed, then act boldly. Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, etc. (What you closer to the heart) There's no point wasting time in provincial towns. Try hard to get to a variety of outdoor art exhibit. How, for example, somewhere in August at St. Andrew Descent in Kiev. In inete find a sea of such places. Present their work in galleries. Maybe somewhere in this exhibition will offer. In short, declares himself "and you will be happy.
Advise on how the artist to get loose and move
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