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Russia 1839-2012

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"... When they go to Europe, they look happy, free, happy, and they are like escaped from the pen of horses, the birds, who opened the cage ... on the way back, the same people come ... with elongated, dark , the martyrdom faces ... they look worried. I came to the conclusion that the country, which its residents leave with such joy and returned with a reluctance - a bad country. "

"From the time of the Mongol invasion of the Slavs, were before the freest people in the world, have become slaves of their conquerors, first, and then the princes ... The government in Russia make up only a lie, because the tyrant and slave afraid of the truth."

"Russia - a country completely useless formality."

"... I could not help asking myself what so cruel man guilty before God, that 60 million others like him are condemned to live in Russia?"

"When you go abroad are surprised already love the Russian people for their slavery. Enough to read some excerpts from the correspondence of Baron Herberstein, ambassador of the Emperor Maximilian, the father of Charles V, the Grand Duke Vasily Ivanovich ... Herberstein writes, speaking of the despotism of the Russian monarchy" (He) will say - and done. Life, property of temporal and spiritual people, nobles and citizens completely dependent on his will. There is no contradiction, and all true, as in the affairs of the deity, as Russian believe that the Grand Duke is executor of the sky ... ". - I do not know whether the character of the Russian people made such rulers or rulers are chosen character of the Russian people. .. Yes, we can say that the whole Russian people, from young to old, drunk with their slavery to the loss of consciousness. "

"Not surprisingly, all the great artists who come to Russia. Reap the fruits of his fame produced abroad, stay here for a very short time, and if delayed longer lose their talent. The air of this country is hostile to ART. All other countries arises and develops naturally, there can be only in the greenhouse ... "

"The Russian has only the names of all, but there is nothing in reality. RUSSIA - COUNTRY facade ..." Oh my, my words (OR) "... Read the label - they have a civilization, society, literature, theater, art, science, and in fact they do not even doctors."

"Russian like the Romans ... as well as the latter, they borrowed the art and science from the outside. They lack the natural mind, but the mind is their imitative and therefore more ironic than creative. Taunt - a distinctive trait of tyrants and slaves. Every oppressed people inevitably turns to slander, to satire, to caricature. sarcasm he avenges the forced inactivity and for his humiliation. "

"In Russia, fear replaces, rather paralyzing thought. When fear reigns unchallenged, it can only create a semblance of civilization."

"Russia, I think, the only country where people do not have a clue about the true happiness ... in Russia, it is not possible."

"Slaves exist in many countries, but to find a number of court servants, to come to Russia."

"Russia - Country Directory: if run eyes alone titles - all seem fine. But beware of looking beyond the chapter titles. Open the book - and you'll see that it's nothing ... How many cities and roads exist only in the project ..."

"A lawyer may not be in a country where there is no justice."

"Anyone who had the misfortune to be born in this country, we can only seek solace in lofty dreams and hopes for world domination."

"The painful feeling never left me since I live in Russia, aggravated by the fact that everyone is telling me about the natural abilities of the oppressed Russian people. Idea of ​​what he has achieved, if it were free, infuriates me . " Me too. (OR)

"The Russian people - a nation of dumb ... Everything is there, just not enough freedom, that is life."

"... In the army - an incredible brutality ..."

"The police are so quick, when to torture people, not in a hurry, when turning to her for help."

"... The army officials, the sheer ulcer Russia. These gentlemen form a sort of nobility ..."

"The rich are not the poor fellow." Who would doubt. (OR)

"The scientific spirit is absent in Russian, they do not have the creative power of the mind they are naturally lazy and superficial. If they
and take up something, only out of fear. GENIUS by nature akin to heroism, he lives of freedom, but fear AND SLAVERY have limited scope, as that of mediocrity, the guns they are. Eternal children, they can become an instant winner in the field of raw power, but will never be winners in the field of thought. And the people, who can not teach anything those people who he's going to win, not for long remain strong. "What was proved by history. (OR)

De Custine "Russia in 1839."

These statements can be taken for a modern, if they had been written 173 years ago .. so relevant and they are painful for the Russian ear.
I led them, not in order to once again kick the already ailing "sacred cow" named Russia. I want those who in spite of everything, loves this country and is going to build the future, would have any hope of improve the situation, knowing the "disease" plaguing Russia. Booked - is forearmed. It seems to say so.
Of course, one might say, de Custine specifically denigrate the reality, to humiliate us, because we just jealous. While on this?

"I damn well Dogodal born in Russia with heart and talent." Alexander Pushkin

"All Russia barracks, and the Russian people do not like to live." Anton Chekhov

"We - the lazy and curious." Alexander Pushkin

"Russia - a pig devouring his children." A. Block

Unfortunately, in many respects, the Marquis de Custine rights. Russia - "a country of slaves, country gentlemen ..." (Lermontov). Slave psychology, is in our genes and fight very hard. "Yes, the Scythians - we do so: Asians - we .." but I do not want to be "fierce Scythian" without education and culture, suitable only to become "cannon fodder" in the next showdown in power. I want to be a person who can give something useful to the world.
I hate the word "freebie" because it belongs to the slaves, rejoicing any crumbs from the master's table. I do not envy, and do not rejoice that "the neighbor's cow died."
If we do not learn to respect themselves and each other if we get rid of slave psychology, which does not accept the freedom and creative development, responsibility for their actions and moral core, we can not expect that we will be respected by others.
Culture - is what makes a nation a nation. A slave can not work, and creative people are not a slave. We do not like their genius, because they remind us of our insignificance and intellectual disability. And yet, it was genius creates the glory and greatness of the country. And just as the country is a genius, can be judged on its needed or not, for the world.
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