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Heat or the Apocalypse 2010?

Запись от Olga777 размещена 31.07.2010 в 12:38
Обновил(-а) Olga777 30.01.2013 в 08:58

Perhaps now anyone would write about the nightmare of summer 2010.
Lord! What a temptation to bark at once humanity and a sense of accomplishment to say, " What did we fight ..."
But I will not do that. People feel sorry for ...
I liked the encouraging comments on one site : "We all podohnem , comrades!"
I was always interested in the essence of the phenomenon. Why , what's the reason for the terrible anomaly?
Is it only in global warming or just a lesser evil , lest there be anything more terrifying ?
Response in the future. And yet ...
RUSSIA OFF ! And it's scary !

Do not want to talk about politics. It's disgusting .
Do not want to talk about morality. Everyone will make conclusions for themselves (or not do).
I'm staying with God, and it is my choice .
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