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Concert for 2292 plants in the Opera house of Barcelona

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Barcelona"s Gran teatre del Liceu is ready to open its doors to the first visitors on June 22. The theater was long closed to the public from-за universal insulation.
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But the official representatives of the" Liceo" stated that the audience of the first concert of the theatre, since the announcement of the quarantine, will be exclusively 2292 plants.
зал1 (620x700, 725Kb)зал2 (616x700, 637Kb)
So the plant would look like during a concert

the Performance will wear the proud title of "Concert for the Biocene" and its online-трансляция will be available to everyone on YouTube-канале Barcelona theater.
СЂСѓРєР° СЂСѓРєР° РІРѕ (214x120, 187Kb)

According to artistic Director of the Liceu theatre, the event conveys the current state of humanity, which turned into "the audience, devoid of the ability to be a spectator".

художник (389x245, 75Kb) the Idea is thus to celebrate the return of theater to life offered Madrid the artist of Eugenio Ampudia.
"Oppressed us nature finally began to return to their former places. We are able to understand her, to show her sincere feelings? Let"s invite her to the theater"

22 June, 18:00 (GMT) to" green audience" sound miniature" Chrysanthemum" performed by the string Quartet.
Giacomo Puccini
" Хризантемы"

two versions



Plants after the concert will give the employees the Barcelona hospital in gratitude and appreciation for their difficult and necessary work.

concert Posters
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This has not happened!


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