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"Каменный flower" is one of the three famous fountains ENEA pleased with their fantastic beauty.

4878453_kamm3 (700x466, 119Kb)

the center of the composition of the fountain" Каменный flower", consisting of nearly 988 jets – bowl in the form of a flower, blossoming among the gems. On granite pedestals, ornate cast iron volutes, bronze has 16 tracks-натюрмортов with the nature of the Union republics.

4878453_kamm8 (700x458, 132Kb)

In large bowl, small fountains – cast iron sturgeons and the bronze geese. The basin area of the fountain is 3.45 thousand square meters.

4878453_kamm7 (700x462, 174Kb)

After the restoration of the fountain seemed to many that the photos of the updated monument looks glaringly bright. "Цыганщина"," ярмарочный remake"," бездарная hack" – such epithets awarded updated fountain Muscovites. In vain.

4878453_kamm9dor (700x467, 102Kb)

it looked like a fountain before restoration.

4878453_kamm11 (700x441, 190Kb)

then and now. Below this will be read more.

4878453_vyndh_366t (700x513, 62Kb)

the history of the fountain.

Richly decorated with a rectangular bowl with a length of over 100 meters fountain" Каменный flower" was originally conceived as Fontana ENEA. But in 1954, when it began work on its creation, this status is migrated to" Дружбе народов".

4878453_vyndh_368 (700x525, 234Kb)

the arts Council exhibition centre, decided that the territory originally allotted to the area for rallies, not suitable for such purposes. As a result, the plan for the location of the square there was a fountain.

4878453_vyndh_373t (700x525, 68Kb)

And composition of the surrounding space demanded that he was the main – a large, high, symbolizing abundance in the Soviet republics.

4878453_vyndh_375 (700x525, 300Kb)

"Каменный flower" took the second place. Why is there such a fountain? Before the great Patriotic war he published the tales of Pavel Bazhov"s collection" Малахитовая шкатулка".

4878453_vyndh_377t (700x524, 78Kb)

They were very popular and wide reflection in the culture: in 1946, the screens out the film" Каменный flower" Alexander Ptushko, hin eight years at the Bolshoi theatre staged the ballet by Sergei Prokofiev with the same name.

4878453_vyndh_378t (700x523, 82Kb)

In August 1954 with the opening of VDNKH the fountain" Каменный цветок".

4878453_vyndh_380 (700x525, 300Kb)

During the ceremonial opening of the fountain" танцевал" the music of Shostakovich, sounded" Праздничная Overture". The movement of the jets was accompanied by music and illuminated.

4878453_vyndh_381 (700x525, 296Kb)

along the perimeter of the pool fountain decorated with arrangements of horns of plenty, vases, fruit and ears of corn. Sixteen granite tables filled with dishes of the Soviet republics.

4878453_vyndh_382 (700x525, 353Kb)

A decade" Каменный flower" has not been repaired. In early 2010-х fountain didn"t work from-за of the failed engines. In the future, many of the figures of the bronze goose and sturgeon were injured or lost. Required thorough repair.

4878453_vyndh_383 (700x525, 296Kb)

the First in their history of updates fountain waited until the autumn of 2018. The ceremonial opening took place on 30 April 2019. And then there was a scandal. Mesqueci went to compare the photo" Каменного flower" before and after restoration.

4878453_vyndh_385 (700x525, 294Kb)

If pictures of vintage fountain looked design, done in soothing brown, copper and dark-зеленых colours on the last photo it looked rather like a lurid element of the Playground. Not like acid-разноцветные crystals that lined the figure of a flower, withreklamnye parts looked plastic. Some even suspected that the original" Каменный flower" they stole.

4878453_vyndh_390 (700x525, 256Kb)

Strange at first glance, the color scheme of some independent experts found a good explanation. Architect K. Topuridze initially used the same bright colours, which eventually faded.

4878453_vyndh_386 (700x525, 283Kb)

moreover, color film and cameras of the time could not accurately convey the richness of the colors. If at the time the photograph was taken on the iPhone, you would see identical to the modern picture.

4878453_vyndh_388 (700x525, 283Kb)

In 1954, for its decoration used two kinds of glazes: color marblit of opaque frosted glass and multicolored cantarell from sheets of gold foil of different shades. During removal experts managed to save about 30 percent of the original glazes, the rest were manufactured in Moscow and St-Петербурге on the preserved original fragments. The total weight of the glazes used is about eight tons.

4878453_vyndh_397 (700x525, 271Kb)

Thus," Каменный flower" were covered with a unique material. the Restorers have tried to accurately match the color. The shades are identical, the only difference is that the sample was covered with a thick layer of dust.

4878453_vyndh_391t (700x521, 68Kb)

Only in the restoration of" Каменного flower" has invested 1.2 billion rubles. in addition to repair of basic elements of the fountain craftsmen have recreated the lost sculpture cleaned them from dirt and fill up some details. including recreated 23 figure sturgeons at different times missing from the pool.

4878453_vyndh_393 (700x525, 299Kb)

Also updated 48 bronze figures of geese, restored sets-натюрморты and 16 iron bowls-ракушек. To replace the old was mounted multicolored led backlight.

4878453_vyndh_392t (700x520, 77Kb)

Completely updated wiring, laid 2.5 km of new pipes. Instead of pumps installed 11 hydraulic machines. Their power is allowed to raise the height of the jets from 7 to 15 meters historical.

Admire the spray of the fountain)))

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