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"Aida" — one for all

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"In art, as in love, first of all, you need to be Frank"
Giuseppe Verdi

аида (700x299, 263Kb)

the Story goes that" Aida" Verdi had composed in 1870 by order of the then Egyptian ruler. The parties signed a contract for a huge sum — about 200 thousand dollars at current prices. For the money the buyer received the right to be the first to stage the Opera in Cairo. The Khedive made the right decision. The premiere was a triumph and became the starting point in the musical journey of" Aida" across countries and continents.
the Secret of success essays is simple: expressive and memorable melodies, majestic choruses, you can hear an infinite number of times. Bulgakov"s Professor Preobrazhensky, for example, will certainly set aside, when in the Bolshoi theatre gave" Aida". Medic-экспериментатор would be greatly surprised if he had a chance to see what score an untouchable masterpiece in the mid-20th century time cut off more than half of the musical text.
In 1953 to 140-летию since the birth of Verdi, the screens out the film-опера" Aida" that lasted an hour and a half with a" penny".

Aida - Sophia Loren (singing Renata was the year)
Amneris - Lois Maxwell (singing Hebe Stignani)
Radames - Luciano Della Marra (sung by Giuseppe Campora)
Amonasro - Afro Poli (sings Gino Becky)
Ramfis - Ambassador Cassinelli, Antonio (singing Giulio Neri)
Pharaoh - Enrico Formichi (sings Domenico Balini)
Gonets - Domenico Bolini (sings Paolo Caroli)
Director: Clemente Fracassi
State Italian radio orchestra under the baton of Giuseppe Morelli
Dancing: Alba Arnova, Yvette Shovire, Leonid Massine, Victor Ferrari, Ciro Di Pardo
Ballet troupe of the Rome Opera house

During this time, the public could admire the captivating beauty of the heroine, a young and still unknown to a wide audience of Sophia Loren.

Instead of 19-ти year old girl with a wasp waist behind the scenes sang held Opera star Renata was the year. The same principle was applied and other characters. Radames was voiced by the legendary tenor, Giuseppe Campora, Amneris — divine mezzo ebe Stignani.

the Inexperienced audience did not feel dirty trick and not felt cheated. Babbitt had the opportunity to examine in close-UPS of actors with a flawless appearance, enjoy the beautiful panoramic views and end-to-end development of the plot, not broken into steps, as is usual on the stage. The postwar generation had the opportunity, as we would say today, visit the opulent Palace of the pharaohs in the capital of ancient Egypt Memphis. People admired intoxicating Oriental flavour ritual dance scenes, with all my heart and soul was given to the immortal creation of Verdi. Director Clemente Fracassi, not seen previously in productions of serious Opera, created grossing smash hit in praise of the great Italian composer and as a producer has fully justified the social order.

" Aida" was a generous gift of fate and Sophia Loren. Verdi"s music is in a jiffy made starlet, a talented actress with a strong dramatic skills. Initially, the daughter of the Ethiopian king Amonasro had to play at that time for the famous Gina Lollobrigida. But the Italian, in his youth dreamed of becoming an Opera singer, considered to be ashamed to open your mouth to someone else"s vocals.
Not caught on film Renata was the year levelled off in the same year in the" full" uncut" Aida" with the choir and orchestra of the Roman Academy of Santa-Чечилия. Radames was inimitable Mario del Monaco. Amneris sang again ewe Stignani. The work included in tor-10 best audioverse this Opera.
Renata was the year
romance of Aida from the op.John.Verdi" АИДА"
(the play in Paris, 1959)

In the same list soundtrack 1955" Aida" with Maria Callas and the orchestra of La Scala. Press a few years exaggerated rumors about the rivalry between Callas and was the year." Aida" singer recorded one after another, but the fans stayed in the win, taking two games of a brilliant Opera.
Maria Callas

60-е years at the Bolshoi theatre in the role of Aida shone Galina Vishnevskaya. She later sang the role in Ковент-Гардене.
Galina Vishnevskaya

By Opera Verdi has not passed and the legendary Franco Zeffirelli — my first" Aida" he set in 1963, once again demonstrating the brand"s handwriting, — careful and reverent attitude to the score, every note and nuance.

Д.Верди:"Аида" - staging by Franco Zeffirelli(La Scala theatre) 2006.

Master learned" Aida" for several decades, again and again returning to the bottomless depth the music of an Italian classic.

How can you not remember about another paragraph of the contract of Verdi with the Egyptians. The document ordered to pay the composer royalties for each performance of" Aida". However, a trivial mathematical calculations are meaningless when it comes to the invaluable offering to all of us.


Giuseppe Verdi (10.10.1813 – 27.01.1901) — illustrious master of the operatic genre. He skillfully mastered all the intricacies of psychological musical drama, his style is recognizable and the famous Opera and to this day adorn the repertoire of the biggest theatres of the world. However, fame, success and recognition – known as - not always easy. This is true of Verdi"s output.
Composer was born in a remote Italian village of Le roncole, in the North of the Lombardy region in a peasant family. The talent given to him by nature, are not forced to wait long for its manifestation.
early childhood Giuseppe is interested in music. Then the parents give the boy a spinet — keyboard stringed instrument similar to the harpsichord. After some time the young composer was studying the rudiments of music and learning to play the organ in the village Church. It would seem that fate is merciful: 11-летний Verdi met with the merchant Antonio Barezzi — rich music lover. He takes the boy into custody, pays the best teacher and, later, Giuseppe continued his musical education in Milan. Here begin the first difficulties. Attempt to enter the Conservatory fail — level piano lack, and age, to put it mildly, is unsuitable — Verdi at the time was 18. Then it"s Milan Conservatory will be named after Giuseppe Verdi... in Spite of the setback , the future Creator of" La Traviata" and" Il Trovatore" don"t despair. He hires a private teacher and learn the basics of counterpoint. And in his spare time attends Opera performances, concerts of various bands, communicates with the local Beau Monde. It was then that Verdi was seriously thinking about becoming a composer for the theater. And it turned out to be possible without a Conservatory education.
Musical career of Giuseppe Verdi begins with the resounding success of his first Opera" Oberto, count di San-Бонифачо", premiere of which took place in Milan theatre" La Scala". A composer signs a contract for two more operas. So there are" King for a day" and" Nabucco". But here is not so smooth. The first performance the audience gets very bad, the second the success will come only after two years. Besides Verdi overtaken by sad events in his personal life — for each other to die his two children and wife. The composer is experiencing tremendous despair, a creative crisis, and even thinking about that is to stop writing music. But as you know, geniuses can"t not do, and even a terrible loss will eventually become part of the internal source of inspiration. The Opera" Nabucco", which appeared on a new level of creativity, forever cemented Verdi an accomplished composer. During the year the play was staged 65 times. And now this Opera is not coming from the world scene. Then there were other wonderful Opera, all of them Milanese public was received with enthusiasm. And the most famous composition by the composer of" Rigoletto", – surprisingly, it was written after a conscious decision to leave Verdi creative activity — at the time recognized, the author was already rich, successful and even in love.
Verdi was not only respected and loved by the author in his country, he has become a national pride, a symbol of the unity of Italy. Giuseppe Verdi said:" Art belongs to all Nations, no one believes in it harder than I, but it develops individually, and if the Germans have a different art practice than we do, their art based on different from ours, we cannot write like the Germans".


Opera" Аида" in four acts to a libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni, based on a French prose version by Camille du Locle, in turn he that borrowed his own story from Francois Auguste Ferdinand Marietta, with its own compositional accents in prose and verse version.
KING of EGYPT (bass)
AMNERIS, his daughter (mezzo-сопрано)
Amonasro, king of Ethiopia (baritone)
AIDA, his daughter and slave of Amneris (soprano)
RADAMES, captain of the Palace guard (tenor)
RAMFIS, high priest (bass)
RIDER (tenor)
Time steps: the reign of the pharaohs.
Place: Memphis and Thebes.
the plot of the Opera-
we have Before us one of the oldest love triangles. Aida, daughter of the Ethiopian king Amansara, languishing in slavery in the Palace of the pharaohs in Memphis. She burns with love for the young commander Radames, and he reciprocates her feelings. The Pharaoh"s daughter Amneris is also in love with Radames ... led the troops Radames is sent to battle with Amansara. Aida"s heart is torn between love for Radames and fear of the father - Amonasro. Egyptian troops returned victorious, the priests are preparing the wedding of Radames and Amneris. From-за love for Aida Radames unwittingly betrays their homeland in terror from the deed he gives himself into the hands of the priests. Penalty inevitable ...


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