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Exhibition of achievements of national economy @5 ndash

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On the territory of the exhibition center is located a few tens of pavilions and other buildings, which regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts, festivals and fairs. Go over some of the pavilions. For better clarity, in post added some photos from the Internet.

4878453_vyndh_056 (700x525, 226Kb)

in the distance is the pavilion of Slavic writing" Слово". Until 1964 it was called" Украинская SSR". Then the transition of the Exhibition industry on the principle of display in the pavilion of the exposition" Земледелие". In 2017, began restoration of the pavilion. After renovation the building was opened the Museum of Slavic writing.

4878453_pavykr7 (685x508, 133Kb)

Museum-просветительский the complex has no analogues in Russia. It"s kind of the point of attraction for lovers of the Russian language, and for lovers of architecture, culture and history.

4878453_pavykr1 (700x469, 383Kb)

Here you can learn how to develop writing in Russia and the world, what role it plays in the life of different peoples, and how for many centuries in contact with the spoken language.

4878453_pavykr3 (525x700, 92Kb)

the First part of the exhibition tells the visitor about the origin and development of writing from ancient times to our days, the second about how the lyrics relate to spiritual, cultural and political life of society.

4878453_vyndh_062 (700x525, 236Kb)

the Third part is devoted to the history and future of the main symbols of writing – letters. The final part is" Бесписьменная culture" – dedicated to the fate of oral speech. It tells of the folklore and language peculiarities, non-verbal communication.

Video about the Museum.

4878453_vyndh_405 (700x525, 335Kb)

Pavilion" Советская culture" was built in 1954 as the pavilion" Узбекская SSR".

4878453_pavyzbek22 (700x510, 118Kb)

the New name received in 1964. The pavilion became a venue for exhibitions of Soviet art and concerts.

4878453_pavkazah1t (700x484, 107Kb)

Pavilion" Металлургия" (former Kazakh SSR) reflects the motives of the Kazakh national architecture. The main facade is decorated in the form of a three-span arch and decorated with bas-reliefs with ethnic ornaments.

4878453_vyndh_359 (700x525, 259Kb)

Gilded spire of the pavilion" Центросоюз" height more than 30 meters. It is crowned with a hammer and sickle framed by a wreath, and at the base of the spire is a metal sheaf. In the decoration has elements of Russian architecture. On the pylons of the pavilion with sculptures of para – worker and kolkhoz woman.

4878453_vyndh_360 (700x525, 257Kb)

First, the pavilion was called" Атомная energy for peaceful purposes", then" Механизация of agriculture of the USSR", then" Легкая industry". Now the building houses the administrative offices of ENEA.

4878453_vyndh_223 (700x525, 227Kb)

In one of the pavilions houses a Museum of optical illusions. I think that it is interesting not only children but also adults.

4878453_vyndh_225 (700x525, 257Kb)

What is there just no: the Labyrinth of fear, Belt maze the Mirror maze Glass maze"Побег from prison"- labyrinth, admire - layouts increased household utensils, smashing -" антистрессовый attraction", Inside man -" музей", butterfly Garden Inverted city.

4878453_vyndh_226 (700x525, 251Kb)

the Museum of illusions designed for fans to be photographed on the background of the unusual scenery and paradoxical installations.

the Inverted city)))

4878453_vyndh_215t (700x515, 63Kb)

In 23 years of decline most of the pavilions and other historical sites on the verge of destruction. Onhrimne territory to be used in a variety of tenants selling everything. The historic buildings and other monuments of the Soviet period was on the verge of total destruction.

4878453_vyndh_216t (700x524, 61Kb)

the city Authorities in time made the decision on carrying out an unprecedented scale of reconstruction attracted a huge number of experts. Was restored nearly 40 historic buildings and structures. In addition, there are built landscape Park and an amusement Park.

4878453_vyndh_210t (700x525, 78Kb)

We came to the area Industry.

4878453_vyndh_213 (700x525, 230Kb)

On it in 1981 was installed legendary Soviet liner. Yak-42 famous for the fact that it was broken the distance record non – stop flight- 730 km from Ramenskoye to Chita.

4878453_vyndh_214 (700x525, 225Kb)

visible on the Right full-size mock-up" Восток", which is 12 APR 1961 carried into space the first man, Soviet man Yuri Gagarin.

4878453_vyndh_218t (700x525, 69Kb)

Pavilion" Космос" built in 1939. It was expanded in 1954-м, then he received the splendid dome of glass and steel.

4878453_vyndh_222t (700x525, 72Kb)

After the collapse of the Soviet Union part of the space was abandoned. Floor gradually was cracked, the roof and walls collapsed. The pavilion was closed due to the threat of life.

4878453_ukoss25t (700x501, 197Kb)

after a while it began to sell import, and then in return he received the gardening. Huge stalls with fruit trees and shrubs, tubers, flowers... Here"s how it looked.

4878453_ykosm3 (700x477, 173Kb)

After the restoration in 2018 in the pavilion opened the largest space Museum in the country Center" Космонавтика and aviation".

4878453_ykosm9 (700x499, 163Kb)

Today it has three large-scale exhibition dedicated to space that exhibits and models of space ships, achievements, information about current space exploration and the predictions of futurologists.

4878453_ukoss26t (700x499, 177Kb)

At the center of the dome a star made of ruby glass, mounted in profile, covered with gold leaf. The diameter of the star – of 4.24 meters. This is an exact replica of the star, which adorned the earlier Trinity tower of the Kremlin.

4878453_ukoss27t (700x513, 204Kb)

Under the dome is a model of geostationary spacecraft" Луч-5А". It was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome and launched into the geostationary orbit at height of 36 thousand kilometers in 2011. Its task is to relay signals Hydromet system Hydromet, signals of the GLONASS system and ensuring an uninterrupted television broadcast on the whole territory of Russia.

4878453_ykosm6 (700x499, 162Kb)

In the exhibition on an area of over 15 thousand square meters is more than 120 never-before-exhibited specimens of aircraft and space technology.

Movie about" Космос".

4878453_vyndh_415 (700x525, 236Kb)

About all pavilions share impossible did not put such purpose.

4878453_vyndh_402 (700x525, 258Kb)

Better to come to a show.

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