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One of the most luxurious and colorful ballets at the Bolshoi theatre.
And here for the first time" Pharaoh"s Daughter", the audience saw back in 1864.

Serious passion on stage, incredible scenery and the interweaving of Russian and French dance schools." Pharaoh"s daughter" — setting is unique, nowhere in the world never see her again. For spectators it"s a real gift, and for artists — challenge that threw choreographer of world renown Pierre Lacotte.
Lacotte has actually become a set designer, and costume designer, he re-wrote all the dances, awarding the most complicated variations and dancers.

You will find" Daughter of Pharaoh" in the repertoire of world theaters, only in Large. Legendary ballet restorer, Pierre Lacotte was collecting the crumbs of all that remains of the first staging of Marius Petipa and everything that so impressed the spectators: a large and thoroughly-designed scenery, dazzling Golden glow the costumes in the Egyptian style, plenty of mass and solo dances.

Myths and mysteries of Ancient Egypt, in which are immersed the main characters. And that"s how-то unknown English Lord and becomes Egyptian, dying from the love of Pharaoh"s daughter. Lee said she reciprocate? View. However, the temperament of the young beauty just does not hold.

the special Effects on the stage one after the other: and desert storm, and hunt the lion who attacked the daughter of Pharaoh, the endless pursuit and persecution, suicide attempt and, of course, a fantastic celebration of the Egyptian gods. From all this beauty is breathtaking, just don"t be surprised if what-то moment you feel that this is just a beautiful dream...


Music by Cesare Pugni
Libretto by Jules-Анри of Vernoy de St-Жоржа and Marius Petipa, Pierre Lacotte based on the novel by théophile Gautier" the novel of the mummy"
Aspicia: Svetlana Zakharova
Lord Wilson/ Taor: Sergei Filin
Ramsey – Maria Alexandrova
John bull/ Passiphonte – Gennady Yanin
Soloists and corps de ballet of the Bolshoi theatre
students of the Moscow state Academy of choreography
orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre
Conductor: Alexander Sotnikov
Staging, choreography, scenery and costumes by Pierre Lacotte based on the eponymous ballet by Marius Petipa (1862)
Assistant Director Ann salmon
lighting designer: Mikhail Sokolov
Bolshoi theatre, 2003

Short story
Young Englishman Lord Wilson is travelling through Egypt with his servant, John bull. They get acquainted with the Arab merchants and, when the sandstorm, together with them, hiding in the pyramid. There in the tomb kept the mummy of the daughter of a powerful Pharaoh of Aspicia. Fleeing the pyramid people smoke tube, the smoke envelops them and brings amazing vision...
All change: the Lord Wilson turns into a beautiful Egyptian young man named Taor, and his servant, too, is an Egyptian Passioncom apart walls, the revived mummy come out from sarcophagi, among them the beautiful Aspicia surrounded by maids. Taor and Aspicia are looking at each other, and their hearts open to love. But on the way of lovers is the set of obstacles. The beauty lion attack, from which she is saved by Taor; from the wrath of Pharaoh Taor saves Aspicia; then they unleashes a new disaster — Pharaoh willing to let his daughter marry a Nubian king, and the lovers rush to escape. But again, they failed — Nubian king catches up with them. Escaping from an unwanted marriage, Aspicia throws herself into the Nile. Neil — is a river, but in the visions of the Nile becomes an animate being, the ruler of the underwater Kingdom, to do the will of Aspicia and returning it to earth alive and unharmed. She runs to the Palace to his father — and just in time — because caught by hostile forces Taor"s waiting for the death penalty. But Aspicia tells about his adventures Pharaoh and he agrees to his daughter"s marriage with the Taor. It would seem — here it is, happiness...

But the vision suddenly stops, and awake, Lord Wilson finds himself in the pyramid, where he overcame unbelievable.


Production company Bel air Media/ the State academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia/ NHK/ Mezzo with the participation of France 3/ SWR Baden Baden and supported by the National center of cinematography, France
Even the ballet staged by Pierre Lacotte-
Magnificent ballet" Marco Spada"

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