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Bravo, Felix!

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Hard to believe, but two years ago, no one remembered the old days of Johann Sebastian Bach and his music! Fashion was another — easy and uncomplicated. And the name Bach was synonymous among the public with his son Johann Christian, the author fashionable graceful шлягеров-сонат.

And in 1809, is born Felix Mendelssohn.

His father was a banker and lover of the arts, Santa — philosopher. In their home met the leading men of the time — musicians, poets, writers. Already in his childhood, Felix demonstrated musical talent at the age of 16 he wrote one of his best works —" a Midsummer night"s Dream" by Shakespeare (where, incidentally, his famous wedding March).
"a Midsummer night"s Dream", op.61, Scherzo

To youth the masterpieces of Mendelssohn, and include two concertos for two pianos and orchestra. The first of these, E major, composed in 1823 and the second, La-бемоль major, 1824.
Concerto for two f-но
and orchestra in e major

Concerto for two f-но
with the orchestra of La-бемоль major

фел икс (310x437, 324Kb) 15 years

The young man was waiting for a brilliant career in music himself, Salieri was ready to take him on as an apprentice... But Felix, largely due to the influence of Goethe, who visited their salon, decides to devote his life to the Service of classical music — revive her forgotten samples and enlightenment in their homeland!

18 years working as a musician in Leipzig in the same Church where-то served Bach, Felix finds in the archives the score of a Grand mass" St. Matthew Passion" performed in Bach"s lifetime, only once, and rejected by his contemporaries. He decided in that whatever was to return the music to the people! His teacher was shocked by the greatness of the work and the idea of a boy, but could not believe that this conception is feasible, because the performance demanded the highest skills and participation of hundreds of musicians and singers... But the young Felix was inspired by its dream of many friends-музыкантов. One year, they inspired and absolutely for free worked under the guidance of a young man.
And in 1829, exactly 100 years after the first" exit music light" by Bach, in the same Leipzig at the big gathering of the public witnessed the second birth of a masterpiece!
J. S. Bach" St. Matthew Passion"
Chor:Kommt, ihr Tochter, helft mir...

Chor:Wir setzen uns mir Tranen nieder

Young Mendelssohn himself conducted and in addition performed the role of the harpsichord. He was so excited that by mistake took a volume of notes of very different works. But to musicians, singers and the audience felt nothing and the Prime Minister is not broke, he diligently turned the pages of the score, accurately conducting all by heart a few hours of this complicated mass! It was a resounding success.

From this moment began the revival of Bach"s music, which was supported by many musicians, although one-third of the composer"s legacy was lost forever. Mendelssohn conducted orchestras, performing immortal classical works of Bach, Handel, Mozart. In keeping with its mission, he organized the Leipzig Germany"s first Conservatory. It began to teach best talents, including the young Schubert. It was those who again responded to a passionate appeal from Mendelssohn! During these years, Mendelssohn managed to write his best music.
he Died, having lived for 38 years, only two years more than Mozart.
But fulfilled his mission — filled the world with great music, without which it is difficult to imagine our life.
Capriccio Brilliant in b minor
for f-но with the orchestra

Rondo brillant mi-бемоль
major to f-но with the orchestra

Concerto for violin and orchestra in e minor!!!

with 0:19


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