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"Hudojestvenny school Alexey Venetsianov"

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Friends, today we will get acquainted with works of Russian artists of the XIX century, which to some extent were pupils of Alexey Gavrilovich Venetsianov (1780-1847).
In 1819 the artist Alexei Venetsianov left the service and settled with his family in the village Safonkovo Tver province, where he organized his own art school, which for 20 years were trained more than 70 people.
read More about the school Venetsianov: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skolian
1. Zaryanko Sergei Konstantinovich (1818-1870)
Zaryanko Sergei Konstantinovich (1818-1870) was the son of a serf on the estate of Prince Lubomirski. After receiving his freedom, his father, together with his family moved to St.-Петербург. Sergej childhood showed artistic ability and artistic skill received from the painter M. V. avrorina. The talent of the young artist was noticed by a famous Russian painter A. Venetsianov, who contributed in 1834 definition of Sergei Zaryanko at the Academy of arts students of the Imperial Academy of arts.
(Music: Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov (1866-1901) Serenade for string orchestra)

(Music: Arensky, Anton Stepanovich (1861-1906) Suite No. 1 in g minor, Op.7, 4. Austin basso)

2. Zelentsov Kapiton Alexeyevich (1790-1845)
Zelentsov Kapiton Alexeyevich (1790-1845) - Russian artist-любитель, academician of painting, one of the most attractive, most outstanding student of the founder of the Russian genre of Venetsianov. During the Patriotic war of 1812 Zelentsov has created a series of prints-карикатур the French. They are made, including drawings to the collected works of F. Bulgarin. As a representative venetsianovskoy school of painting, Kapiton Alekseevich Zelentsov in relation to the art style belongs to one of the first generation of Russian realists.
(Musical accompaniment: Scriabin, Alexander Nikolayevich (1872-1915) Concerto for piano and orchestra in f-диез minor, Op.20, 2. Andante)

3. Krendovsky, Evgraf Fedorovich (1810-1854)
Evgraf Krendovsky born in the city of Kremenchug, Poltava province of the Russian Empire in 1810 in the family of Ober-офицера. In his youth, graduated from the famous Arzamas art school of A. V. Stupin. From 1830 to 1835, under the guidance of the famous painter A. Venetsianov studied in Saint-Петербургской Academy of arts, which he attended as volnoprihodyaschego student. After graduation he lived in St.-Петербурге. In 1835, in connection with the home circumstances, leaving the Northern capital and went to Kremenchug.
(Music: the Karl Yulievich Davydov (1838-1889) - Three salon pieces for cello and piano, op. 30 Andante)

4. Krylov, Nikifor Stepanovich (1802-1831)
Krylov, Nikifor Stepanovich (1802-1831) was born into a poor family of merchant Kalyazin. In the early 1820-х lived" в workers" from a local iconographer. In April 1824, was seen by AG Venetsianov and at whose request was adopted under the auspices of the Society for the encouragement of artists. In the summer of 1825, arrived in С.-Петербург settled in the house Venetsianov and became one of the first disciples. In July of the same year Krylov received permission to attend drawing classes at the Academy of fine arts.
(Music: Arensky, Anton Stepanovich (1861-1906) - Suite No. 1 in g minor, Op.7, 1. Variations on a Russian theme)

5. Mokritsky Apollon Nikolaevich (1810-1870)
Mokritsky Apollon Nikolaevich (1810-1870) - the son of a postmaster, was born in Pyriatyn (Poltava province). In 1819—1824 years he was educated in the Poltava house for the poor children of the nobility, then studied at the Nizhyn gymnasium of higher Sciences of Prince Bezborodko. Since 1831 he became a volunteer at the Imperial Academy of arts in Saint-Петербурге. From 1832 until the mid-1830-х years studied painting with A. G. Venetsianov. Then was accepted into the Academy, where he became a disciple of K. P. Briullov (1836—1839).
(Music: Taneyev, Sergei Ivanovich (1856-1915) Concert Suite for violin and orchestra in g minor, Op. 28 IV. Theme and Variations)

6. Plakhov Laurel Kuzmich (1810-1881)
Plakhov Laurel Kuzmich (1810-1881) @ - a Russian painter, author of paintings of genre, lithographer, master of artistic photography. Born into a family of impoverished engineer-полковника. At the end of the County schools in Theodosia moved to St.-Петербург, where he worked under the contract (signed for six years) the lithographer Charles Beggrow. In 1829 he studied in St. Petersburg Alexey Venetsianov, who, for his learning has achieved cancellation of the contract with Beggrova. In 1832, L. Plakhov, was enrolled as a foreign student in the Academy landscape class Vorobyov.
(Music: Lyapunov, Sergei Mikhailovich (1859-1924) żelazowa Wola (symphonic poem), Op.37)

7. Soroka Grigoriy (1823-1864)
Soroka Grigoriy (1823-1864) - Russian serf painter. In 1842-1847 studied painting with A. G. Venetsianov, was one of his favorite students. Venetsianov asked the Marshal of the nobility vyshnevolotsk Nicholas County Miliukov to give their freedom to Gregory, so that he could continue his education at the Academy of arts, but was unable to achieve this. After the reform of 1861 Grigory Soroka participated in the peasant uprisings against landlord. In 1864 Forty were subjected to three days of arrest. Perhaps this arrest was the cause of the suicide of the artist.
(Music: Spendiarov, Aleksandr Afanasevich (1871-1928) - Symphonic fragments from the Opera" Алмаст", h 1")

8. Tyranov Alexei Vasilyevich (1808-1859)
Tyranov Alexei Vasilyevich (1808-1859) @ - a Russian painter, a brilliant portrait artist and a talented painter. He was born in 1808 in the family of a tradesman in the Tver province. He received his primary education in Bezhetsky district school, then studied at the gymnasium in Tver. Not after graduating from-за financial difficulties, Tyranov at the age of 15 years back in Bezhetsk, where together with his brother, a painter, became involved in the writing of images. Famous painter Alexei Gavrilovich Venetsianov in 1824, drew attention to the undoubted talent of the young painter and helped the young Taranovu to go to St-Петербург, giving him the opportunity to attend classes at the Academy of fine arts. In 1827 he received from the Academy a small gold medal.
(Music: Glinka Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857) - Elegy “Question” (1838)

9. Alexei Chernyshev Filipovich (1824-1863)
Alexei Chernyshev Filipovich (1824-1863) - Russian painter-жанрист, academician of the Imperial Academy of arts. Born in Orenburg to the family of the tradesman. Even in his childhood showed talent for drawing. Head of the Orenburg region V. A. Perovsky drew attention to a talented young man and in 1841 was sent to St-Петербург, where he helped him to enroll in the Imperial Academy of arts pensioner society for the encouragement of artists. The Academy Chernyshev was a pupil of Professor M. Vorobyov, and H. was engaged in the landscape, but later the emphasis he began to give the image of everyday scenes.
(Music: Cui, Cesar Antonovitch (1835-1918) - Suite No. 3, Op. 43, In Modo Populari, Op. 43 @2 ndash. Moderato)

Download all smolikau (videos) at this link: https://yadi.sk/d/FVDz_rjiUy0qrA
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