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Metaphysical painting

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the Only contemporary painting, which I love - metaphysical. However, today it no longer exists.

928775_Sergio_Ceccotti_49 (566x700, 160Kb)

Sergio Ceccotti

right under" метафизическим" I understand not quite" тот" style and artists than it is. The official founder of" метафизики" think Gordel de Chirico (1888-1978) with its mournful geometry covino-пустыми cities, the police horses and mannequins:


Giorgio de Chirico. Il volto della metafisica

Although de Chirico is often referred to the Surrealists, the differences are obvious - no LSD-эшного rampant, the gully imagination Given. Escaped de Chirico and modern futurism.

Merged with Baltusom and Delvaux (the most expensive artists of today), metaphysics in my understanding resulted in a clear area. Is that possible in principle, and the subconscious mind says this is what-то sense, but we cannot articulate what it is. Anyway, as we would have seen a minute of the detective film in the middle. Or, say, 2010-м we see the empty Nevsky PR-т, and cleaner than usual, with burning Windows - and it is lonely benedet figure gensini at-еропейски dressed - but what-то strange veil. But we still do not know about Cowhide...

the Situation on my favorite picture of Delvaux...

928775_paul_delvaux_nocny_pociag_1947A (618x450, 79Kb)

... I even tried" выстроить" in his novel" Знаки in the dark", 100% -ная metaphysical novel. It is the most charming picture of Delvaux:

928775_PaulDelvauxAllthelights (587x700, 75Kb)

it is as though there is nothing fantastic. I deliberately do not cite names, as in the case of metaphysics, they only facilitate and interfere with the subconscious. This metaphysics differs from modern painting, which a witty title needed.

Sometimes Delvaux tram goes almost to the bedroom. What?

pictures of Baltus metaphysical in a different sense:

928775_balthus14 (553x400, 36Kb)

Almost vanishing sensuality is not important. Japanese photographer repeated the pattern, and the models had to strain to accept" позы of Baltus". It"s not poses, it"s what-то signs, as in Indian dance, which carry an unknown meaning.

the Style of metaphysical painting is simple, with an emphasis in naivety. Whether it is professional, metaphysics has to hide it, even to achieve" анти-мастерства". He needs to bring the image to the images formed in the brain and he understands:

928775_Sergio_Ceccotti_41 (700x463, 91Kb)

Sergio Ceccotti

Woman standing barefoot behind her - repeating Cecotti sculpture (1960-е). [email protected] ndashто-то aims. On the other corner, will be visible"tram" десятый room"... Note a deliberately distorted perspective, emphasizing" антимастерство". For example, I do not even draw - I automatically draw accurate. So" кусочно-правильная" perspective helps the brain to break the painting down into meaningful fragments.

928775_SergioCeccotti17L (700x557, 120Kb)

in Short, life goes on. That"s just not our life.

As Balthus, Ceccotti a lot of pictures, from which comes an uncertain voltage:

928775_Sergio_Ceccotti_34 (569x700, 121Kb)

In rare cases the meaning is explained:

928775_Sergio_Ceccotti_43 (566x700, 187Kb)

Inscription" У of El"stir" refers to Marcel Proust, who is a mysterious character, artist, which is some generalization of the Parisian Bohemia.

928775_Sergio_Ceccotti_40 (700x294, 59Kb)

Metaphysics are not afraid" артифактов era", do not try to" вечному art". They have this moment what-то specific life. The landscape flashed by in the window of the train, which we do not understand.

What is different metaphysical painting from the modern? It does not seek, even avoids the shock. And the shock is in our years in the artistic mainstream, and the highest value. We are trying to shock all the artists, and indeed all - Putin, trump, Mikhalkov... Metaphysics" не yells" never.

Sometimes in contemporary painting comes across something similar, e.g..:


Leonard Kodcianski, Wiching hour, 2020.

However, the absence of internal tension and a desire for drama" хоть what-либо" (here contrasting oranges and night) issued by the hour, day, and year.

the Artwork can be reduced Lear.

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