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The Northern circle of lovers of fine arts (1906-1918)

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Friends, continue the story of the artistic associations of the XIX-начала XX centuries "Северный the circle of fine arts" - cultural-просветительское society, formed in Vologda in 1906 by local artists and other intellectuals. Engaged in exhibition and publishing activities, lectures about art, organized the first in the Vologda public art Museum and drawing classes, a library with books on architecture and art.
1. Kiselev, Alexander (1838-1911)
the Artist Alexander Kiselev was born in 1838 in Sveaborg (now a suburb of Helsinki). Parents gave the boy in the Arakcheyev cadet corps, and in 1852, Alexander was transferred in 2-й St.-Петербургский cadet corps. However, six years later, Alexander decided to abandon the military career and entered the St. Petersburg University. In 1861, the University happened to student unrest and University classes were suspended indefinitely. Alexander Kiselev left the University and began attending the Imperial Academy of arts as an auditor. In 1906, Alexander Alexandrovich Kiselev actively participated in the creation of the Northern mug lovers of fine arts, in the city of Vologda.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiselev,Aleksandralekseevich

(Music: Evgeniya Smolyaninova – you"re sad)

2. Martin, Dmitry E. (1860-1918)
Martin, Dmitry E. (1860-1918) was born into the family of a merchant. In 1885-1889 he studied at the Moscow school of painting sculpture and architecture as volnoslushayuschego. He lived in Moscow. Worked mainly as a landscape painter, continuing in his art the traditions of Russian landscape school of the second half of the XIX century. Travelled through North and Central Russia. Since 1916 he lived in Vologda. Presented his works at exhibitions of the Northern mug lovers of fine arts. He taught in Vologda art school.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin Dmitriyev
(Music: catoire, Georgy l"vovich (1861-1926) @ - the String Quintet Op.16 III-Andante non troppo)

3. Bookbinders, Vasily Vasilyevich (1863-1918)
Vasili Vasilievich Perepletchikov (1863-1918) — artist-живописец, has worked primarily in the landscape genre. Vasily Perepletchikov was born 18 Oct 1863 in Moscow. Basic artistic skills V. V. Perepletchikov received in a private school of the artist Kiselev Alexander Alexandrovich. In 1872, Vasily Perepletchikov, he entered the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture where his teacher was Polenov Vasily Dmitrievich — Basil originally studied to be an architect, but he had the opportunity to meet Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich, after which he decided to go on the path of the painter. In the 1880s, Vasily Vasilievich Perepletchikov began to participate in art exhibitions.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookbinders,Vasilijevic
(Music: Oh, not an autumn leaf Spanish Instrumental ensemble INEKO @ - the stars of RUSSIA)

4. Borisov, Aleksandr Alekseevich (1866-1934)
Borisov, Aleksandr Alekseevich (1866-1934) - an outstanding Russian painter, the first painter of the Arctic, public figure. Born on 14 Nov 1866 in the village of Deep Creek, near Krasnoborsk, now Arkhangelsk oblast. Was a member of the Solovetsky monastery, where he studied drawing and painting. On the work of Borisov drew attention visited Solovki President of the Academy of arts Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich and a famous collector of paintings General Andrei Bogolubov. They helped Alexander: he has been allocated a scholarship, and in 1886 he came to St.-Петербург, where he studied at the Academy of fine arts. In the summer of 1894 Borisov was accompanied by Witte on the steamer" Ломоносов" on a tour of the North. The duties Borisov included sketches of harbours and bays in Murmansk coast.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borisov,Alexandramusic
(Music: Edward Artemiev – Remembrance)

5. The capital Yevgeny Ivanovich (1870-1929)
the Capital Yevgeny Ivanovich (1870-1929) was born in the Ukraine in the family gamekeeper. Systematic drawing of the Capital began in the years of study at the Odessa real school under the guidance of local artist G. Ladyzhenskaya. After graduating from high school 18-летний young man travels to St. Petersburg and became first a volunteer at the Academy of arts, and soon her student. The main theme of the Capital in subsequent years – the nature, the life of the Russian and Ukrainian villages – a topic close to the heart of the artist, who grew up in the backwoods and childhood fell in love with the village.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital,Evgeniyovich
(Music: Budashkin Nicholas (1910-1988) –" Родные spaces")

6. Vakhrushov Theodosius M. (1870-1931)
Vakhrushov Theodosius M. (1870-1931) in the city of Totma in Vologda province in the family of Mikhail Iakinfovich Vakhrusheva, clerk, and Claudia Ivanovna, Housewives. After finishing the district school, worked as a scribe at the police superintendent, and then briefly studied with local handicraft of the painter. Since 1889 - a volunteer at the Academy. In 1890 F. M. Vakhrushev became a student of the Academy of arts, in 1894, he received the title of class artist of 3-й degree. From 1895 to 1897 he studied with Repin. In 1897 F. M. Vakhrushev received a diploma and a certificate for teaching drawing in secondary schools and left the Academy.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vahrushev,Feodoisiya
(Music: G. Legkodimov fantasy on the theme of Russian folk song" Тонкая Rowan" Spanish Instrumental Duo" Русские virtuosos")

7. Karinskaya Anna N. (1871-1931)
Karinskaya Anna N.(1871-1931) was born into a noble family. art education is not received. Study on their own, used the advice of Alexander Alexandrovich Kiselev, a famous Russian painter-пейзажиста, Professor at the Imperial Academy of arts. He was an active Exhibitor in various exhibitions, including exhibitions of the Wanderers. After moving to Vologda was one of the members-учредителей the Northern mug lovers of fine arts in Vologda.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karinskaya,Annanicoleunc
(Music: Arensky, Anton Stepanovich (1861-1906) Symphony No. 2 A-dur - II. Romanza. Adagio ma non troppo)

8. Gorelov Gavriil Nikitich (1880-1966)
Gorelov Gavriil Nikitich (1880-1966) @ - a Russian artist. Honored worker of arts of RSFSR, winner of the Stalin prize of the third degree. Gavriil Nikitich was born in Pokrovskoye village (now Volokolamsk district, Moscow region). Graduated from the Penza art school (1903), studied with K. Savitsky, then the St. Petersburg Academy of arts (1911), where he was a pupil of I. E. Repin and F. A. Rubo. After the Academy was awarded a trip to Italy. In 1937—1938 years taught at the Moscow regional art pedagogical College of the memory of 1905.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorelov,Gavriilidis
(Music: Alexander Grechaninov (1864-1956). Symphony No. 4 op.102)

9. Tyko Inverted (1886-1960)
Tyko Inverted (the Russian name - Ilya Konstantinovich Inverted) @Nenets-a Soviet artist, a storyteller, public-политический figure. Was one of the originators of the Nenets literature. The author of the epic tales. Tyko Inverted was born 28 Feb 1886 in Outpost Belushya Guba on Novaya Zemlya, the Nenets grew up among hunters. Draw Tyko began in 1904, and copied the pictures from the tear-off calendar. In 1901 the New Earth arrives, the famous polar artist Alexander Borisov. He was the first teacher of painting for Tyko VLK.
More information about the artist: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tylka
(Music: Elena Laplander. Siirt (Nenets folk song)

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