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In the estate of Giverny @8 ndash. Second workshop.

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As the artist expected, he soon built a second, more convenient repair shop, it was located separately in the Western part of the garden. It had to break standing there building. Claude Monet finally-то became the owner of this shop where everything was arranged to work, enough space and a huge window looked out on North!

4878453_fr_1069 (700x525, 261Kb)

Now here is the gift shop.

4878453_fr_1071 (700x525, 218Kb)

the Second workshop was the sanctuary of the master, where no one disturbed him during his work.

4878453_amon1t (700x509, 92Kb)

Claude Monet in his Studio, 1920. At that time the artist was exactly 80 years. He died in 1926 at the age of 86 years.

4878453_masst3t (700x500, 83Kb)

the Painter worked very hard, his legacy is about two thousand paintings.

4878453_masst5_1_ (700x466, 161Kb)

Monet showed us the world not as we see it, and such as we feel.

4878453_fr_1074t (700x525, 73Kb)

Vision is not the only thing that bothered Monet. In the days when about the dangers of tobacco, no one thought to be a heavy smoker was not considered bad.

4878453_fr_1076 (700x525, 288Kb)

For 85 years at the gray-bearded artist who loves to stand in his garden in the pose of a sailor as he surveyed the horizon with a cigarette in his mouth and his hands on her hips, increasingly began to roll asthma.

4878453_fr_1077 (700x525, 264Kb)

But he continued to take in Giverny guests, to show them the new paintings and tell you about the newly acquired seed:" Весной you"ll see them!"

4878453_fr_1078 (700x525, 259Kb)

And then, grustnaya:" Вот only I will not be". The great impressionist painter Claude Monet stayed 15 days.

4878453_fr_1079 (700x525, 269Kb)

However, it seems that he is well aware that his days are numbered, but his work is destined to live much longer.

4878453_fr_1083 (700x525, 237Kb)

Now in this room of 300 square meters is 2300 goods, one way or another connected with the theme of the garden and work of Claude Monet.

4878453_fr_1086 (700x525, 219Kb)

4878453_fr_1087 (700x525, 253Kb)

4878453_fr_1088 (700x525, 226Kb)

4878453_fr_1089 (700x525, 228Kb)

4878453_fr_1091 (700x525, 251Kb)

4878453_fr_1092 (700x525, 269Kb)

4878453_fr_1093 (700x525, 225Kb)

4878453_fr_1072 (700x525, 280Kb)

4878453_fr_1073 (700x525, 247Kb)

4878453_fr_1080 (700x525, 265Kb)

4878453_fr_1081 (700x525, 244Kb)

4878453_fr_1085 (700x525, 265Kb)

4878453_fr_1094 (700x525, 241Kb)

4878453_fr_1095 (700x525, 320Kb)

4878453_fr_1096 (700x525, 383Kb)

4878453_fr_1097 (700x525, 201Kb)

4878453_fr_1103 (700x525, 290Kb)


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