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Wonders Of Russia

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Lake in which you cannot drown, but having seen it just once, impossible to forget. It is called Russian the Dead sea and a miracle that creative nature has created in the middle naked hot steppe.

Baskunchak @Russian-the Dead sea

40 (300x30, 10Kb)

Holy-Троицкий Ipatiev monastery — monastery of the Kostroma diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church played a significant role in Russian history of the XVI century and especially seventeenth century.
In the XVII century at the Ipatiev monastery was the beginning of the termination of the great Troubles that threatened the destruction of the Russian statehood. In 1613, the monastery has sheltered within its walls the young Mikhail Romanov. In St. Ipatiev monastery started three hundred years of the glorious reign of the Romanov dynasty. From this moment on, the monastery got the name -" колыбель" House of Romanov.
monastery is Located in one of the most picturesque places of Kostroma. The place, where the Kostroma river flows into the Volga, Kostroma anciently called" стрелкой", and with the establishment of the monastery, it was given the name" Ипатьевский (Opacki) мыс".

Ipatiev monastery

40 (300x30, 10Kb)

Balaam. So called when-то 8-9 centuries ago, this island Izhora, the people of the Finno-угорской language group. It seems that these beautiful places with harsh nature otherwise called and could not. Balaam @ - a land with a long history and special status, which people gave her at all times. 12-13 centuries apart igorov these lands around Ladoga Islands began to settle in Karelia. For them, Balaam became a cult place. Here they erected their temples and worshipped the pagan gods. But today the island is one of the main Orthodox shrines of the Russian - Valaam monastery the Athos of the North, or, as it is sometimes called.

Balaam. The Land Of God

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