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художник Лев Лагорио картины – 24

Lev Lagorio

Artist Lev Feliksovich Lagorio was born in Dec 1827 in Feodosia in the family of a merchant, who came from an aristocratic Genoese family and was the acting Vice-консула of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies.

Boy studied at the gymnasium of the city of Feodosia, took lessons in painting from I. K. Aivazovsky.

In 1843 Taurida Governor A. I. Kaznacheev brought promising Lagorio in Petersburg and provided comprehensive assistance to a young person in receipt of the latest in the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of arts. The training was paid for by the Duke Maximilian of Leuchtenberg.

Lev Feliksovich studied in a landscape class in M. N. Vorobyov, take additional lessons from A. I. Sauerweid and later at BP Villevalde.

With special passion the young artist wrote of the sea and seascapes. With the aim of improving skills as an artist-маринист, went to a voyage on a military frigate" Грозящий", bought our own sailboat and travelled around the Gulf of Finland.

In 1845, Leo F. discovering Old Ladoga and the Valaam monastery – the place where Grand architecture of churches and sacred monasteries dissolved in incredible natural landscapes.

After Balaam Lagorio creates a series of works about the vicinity of St. Petersburg and for the picture" Вид swamp Fox nose" gets a gold medal, the title of class artist I degree and the right to pensioner"s trip to Europe.

this same time period, the artist made friends with the capital"s painters brothers Zhemchuzhnikova, P. A. Fedotov, and A. E. Beideman. The result of joint work of Lev Zhemchuzhnikov, Alexander Beideman and Lev Lagorio was the famous portrait of Kozma prutkov, who, I think, known to everyone.

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 23

Kozma Prutkov

Lev Lagorio, before the European tour, was sent by the Academy to the Caucasus" для writing local types". The Caucasus was just amazed and captivated by the artist. He will return to this region again and will write a Caucasian species with the same great love, which always wrote the sea.

between 1853 and 1860 Leo F. working abroad. From the pensioner"s trip Lagorio will bring to the Academy more than 30 finished paintings. And get (omitting the title of academician) of the office of a Professor of the Academy.

Professorship for the artist opens the doors of the aristocratic salons of St. Petersburg.

In 1861, Leo F. in the retinue of Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich sent to the Caucasus. Two years the artist writes the Caucasian types and inadvertantly gets involved in a war with the highlanders. For participating in the battle gets swords to the order of St. Anna (the order was received for the types of the Caucasus, and swords for military awards).

Since the early seventies of the nineteenth century, the artist often writes Crimea. I must say that in the second half of the nineteenth century the Crimea became a Mecca for Russian painters – far-Italy and trip in that region is a lot of money, and the Crimea is next. And Crimean species are no worse than the Italian types.

With the outbreak of the Russo-турецкой war (1877 – 1878) Leo F. becoming Russian correspondent for the war, and his impressions of what he saw and experienced he expressed in the battle paintings.

After the war the artist continued to write the Crimean landscapes, suddenly became interested in watercolor.

Lev Felixovich was a popular artist, but this popularity did not contribute to material prosperity – the artist often asked about the results of advances on account of future paintings and to Finance his creative journeys. Painfully, laboriously he worked on his paintings. They literally wrote the years that were not contributed to the financial well-being.

1900 Lev Feliksovich Lagorio became an honorary member of the Academy of arts.

And in 1905, the artist did not. The ashes of the artist is buried in St. Petersburg.

Paintings of the artist Lev Feliksovich Lagorio

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 02

view of the town from the river

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 03


художник Лев Лагорио картины – 04

moonlit night at sea

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 05

On the island of Capri. Cliffs

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 06

seascape with sailboats

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 07

Sledge ice

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 08


художник Лев Лагорио картины – 09

Northern landscape

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 10

moonlit night on the Neva

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 11

View on Neva and Peter and Paul fortress

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 12

view of the Ayu-Даг from Alushta

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 13

the farm on the island

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 14

View of Lakhta in the vicinity of St. Petersburg

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 15

Crimean landscape

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 16

Caucasian gorge

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 17

Repulsed the storming of Bayazet fortress, 8 June 1877

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 18

Landscape with trees, houses and the river

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 19

Mountain landscape

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 20


художник Лев Лагорио картины – 21

Boat in the sea

художник Лев Лагорио картины – 22

Caucasian type



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