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Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin born on Uktusskaya factory (now Yekaterinburg) on 11 March 1835 in the family of serfs promyvalschika gold.
Artistic ability of the painter manifested itself at a young age.
Already In the 1840-е years he wrote the icons for the local Church of the Transfiguration and portraits of family members.
In 1848 his family moved to Ekaterinburg mint.
since 1848,more than 10 years of A. I. Korzukhin worked on the bottom-Исетском iron factory and the Ekaterinburg mint.

after Leaving in 1857 to St. Petersburg in 1858. enrolled as a student of the Imperial Academy of Arts, where he studied until 1863.
At the Academy he received in 1858, - 2 silver medals, in 1859 @1 ndash silver 1860 - 2 silver, in 1861 - 1 silver and 2 gold for the painting" Пьяный father семейства".
After he had to compete to receive a large gold medal and bonded with her right to travel to foreign lands at the expense of the Treasury.

In 1860 were exempt from mandatory mining services.
In 1863, along with several friends, who did not want to work on a given solicitation topic out of the Academy and participated in the formation of the Petersburg artel of artists headed by I. N. Kramskoy, an active member of which was until its collapse.
In 1870 Korzukhin became a member of-учредителем of the Association of traveling art exhibitions.
As a member of the-учредителем" Артели artists" and" Товарищества Wanderers", Korzukhin was against a too sharp break with the Academy and official art system in General. He did not participate in exhibitions of the Association.
in 1864, A. I. Korzukhin became a teacher at the school Society for the encouragement of artists. In exhibitions of the Association he was not involved, but all his work has evolved in the same direction as the art of the Wanderers.
In 1865, for the painting" Поминки in the village cemetery" Academy raised it in the title of the artist 1-й degree, and in 1868 for" Возвращение father of family from fair" recognized academician.
Working tirelessly, Korzukhin never missed one year to not be on academic exhibitions with his works.
In them, with a rare gift of observation and knowledge of the national life, he gave the characteristic types of Russian common people, merchants, artisans and the middle class by pairing them up in scenes full of truth and life.

In the 1860-е out" классически-передвижническая" brushwork of the artist, the style comprehensive picture-новеллы, fixing a sad and joyful aspects of everyday life and everyday life of ordinary people. In the paintings of Alexei Ivanovich existed side by side secular and religious themes. In his works Korzukhin, showing a good knowledge of the national life, passed on characteristic types of Russian common people, merchants, artisans and the middle class. Sometimes among his paintings can be found and rare portraits, for example, persons of the house of Romanov.

mainly genre painting, Korzukhin was taken for portraits and religious images.
They performed in Moscow"s Cathedral of Christ-Спасителя over one of the arches at the main altar @ - the icon of the virgin" Слово made flesh" and the faces of the four fathers of the Church, the painting of the Church of the ascension of Christ in the Crimea above foros, wall painting in the Cathedral of Yelets (upper dome, sails, wall paintings on the iconostasis, the top row of icons in the iconostasis and the Central image -" Распятие of Christ";" Божия mother Yelets").

the works of A. I. Korzukhin was exhibited at the World exhibitions in London (1862, 1872), Philadelphia (1876), Paris (1878), in the Siberian-Уральской scientific-промышленной the exhibition in Yekaterinburg (1887).

by Becoming an unwitting witness to the murder of revolutionaries-народниками of Emperor Alexander II,Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin was profoundly traumatized.
Since then, the artist was sick, though, and continued to work, performing in 1891" Тайную supper" for the Cathedral in Riga and 13 images for the porch of this temple.

Died Alexei Ivanovich in St. Petersburg 18 Oct 1894.
his Ashes were transferred in 1940 from St. Nicholas cemetery in necropolis of masters of arts at the Holy-Троицкой Alexander-Невской Lavra.

"Возвращение out of town", (1870) — of the State Tretyakov gallery.

In 1865, for the painting" Поминки in the village cemetery" Academy increased Korzukhina A. I. in the title of the artist 1-й degree

"Возвращение father of family from fair", (1868) — of the State Tretyakov gallery For this work, A. Korzukhin And received the title of academician.

"Девичник", (1889) — of the State Russian Museum

Sleigh. 1891

Time for tea.

Portrait of a young girl in a headscarf. 1874

Grandmother with granddaughter. 1879

Peasant children.

"Птичьи enemies", (1887) — of the State Russian Museum

"Крестьянские girl in the woods", (1878) — Perm state art gallery

Have a morsel of bread 1890

"Петрушка is coming!", (1888) — Saratov state art Museum im. A. N. Radishchev

Christmas Eve. 1869

In the red corner.

"В rooms", (previously 1894) — Udmurt Republican Museum of fine arts

Purchase of dowry. 1877. Volgograd

"Перед confession", (1877) — of the State Tretyakov gallery.

"Похороны dog", (1871) — Vitebsk art Museum

"Разлука", (1872) — of the State Tretyakov gallery

"В monastery hotel", (1882) — of the State Tretyakov gallery

"Воскресный day", (1884) — Kharkov art Museum

"Шутка", (previously 1894) — of the State Museum of Georgia

"Надоел", (1886) — Perm state art gallery

"Сцена from the history of the Streltsy rebellion. Ivan Naryshkin falls into the hands of the rebels", (1882) — private collection

self-Portrait (1850) — of the State Russian Museum

portrait of the daughter - Anna Alexeyevna Korzuhina-Вер. 1881 Oil on cardboard

portrait of a lady. 1880 oil on Canvas. Irkutsk

portrait of a woman. 1886 oil on Canvas. R-на-Д

Girl, zaplatila braid. 1880 oil on Canvas. CMRI

Female portrait (Portrait Ikonnikova q). 1875

Portrait of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich (1889) — of the State historical Museum

the boyar"s daughter. 1882

Portrait of G. F. Vasilkova, (previously 1894) — of the State Russian Museum

Portrait of A. V. Vysheslavtsev. 1880

Portrait of Alexander III, (previously 1894) — Vladimir-Суздальский historical-художественный and architectural Museum-заповедник

portrait of a gold mining and Explorer A. M. Sibiryakov, (previously 1894) — Irkutsk regional art Museum im. V. P. Sukachev

portrait of an unknown. 1866

Portrait of a retired soldier, (1883) — of the State Russian Museum

Portrait of R. G. Sudkovsky. Oil on canvas. Nikolayev art Museum. V. V. Vereshchagin.

Gallery :: http://artcyclopedia.EN/korzuhin_aleksej_ivanovich.htmhttp://www.artsait.EN/art/k/korzuhin/main.htm

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