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Signs in Kryukovo.

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in some people, the old believers, who lived in the old neighborhood he lived in, stood in the house of the icon of John the Baptist. They were believers, people are, by definition, believers and being strong. So they told me the amazing things that happened to their great way, then John the Baptist from the icon went and how to disappear the icon and reappeared. As soon as planned, what is the difference in their lives the way they filed the visible and sensual signs signs. Before you sign from the icon, we were plunged into a state like sleep in сне. 

Once, then told the hostess, I ought to go to the GEC. I look at the icon and don"t see the image at all, only a fuzzy silhouette. Well, crossed himself, and went. Hike in Checks failed. I took a much needed document. I had to go again. Here you disappeared образ. 

Appeared baptized Jesus in the chalice, the severed head of the prophet himself. On a good sign in the vessel saw the body of the baptized, as if menacing sign, the truncated bowl saw the head of the prophet, we often bowl at all was itself a gaping, shining void.

Once you become the prayer of the lady of the house saw in the bowl the prophet"s severed head in blood. The blood stood out how realistic that blood flowed under his head on a platter. She thinks," Hm, what is it? I don"t sign?"
Went into the city and stop water utility saw the man caught under the wheels of the car. The sight was ghastly, ghastlier. Blow was such force that the shoes came off the feet of the deceased. It was a huge shock for her that day. As she said:" well, that I stop the Utility was not one of the people at once assembled, it was a lot, and so I would not have endured what I saw." Came home to look at the icon, and there, o Lord my God!, see the empty plate without a head.

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