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In the estate of Giverny - 1. Garden.

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Delightful garden of Claude Monet

4878453_fr_1019 (700x525, 326Kb)

It was love at first sight. When the famous impressionist Claude Monet was on a train passing by the village of Giverny, he was appalled by the luxurious greenery of the area. The artist realized that I would spend the rest of my life.

4878453_fr_1020t (700x525, 69Kb)

What Giverny was the main place for inspiration of the painter, and gardens, landscaping, where Monet spent half his life, now considered a real treasure of France.

4878453_fr_1021t (700x525, 77Kb)

the Love of the beautiful Claude Monet knew no bounds, so in a very short time of owning a nondescript turned into a bright and inviting Garden thousands of Colors.

4878453_fr_1023 (700x525, 294Kb)

the Artist is not a joke, was fond of floriculture, with his head plunged into the work of the gardener.

4878453_fr_1024t (700x522, 114Kb)

Lifeless alley of spruces and cypresses have been cut without hesitation, and that in this place when-то grew dark trees, reminded only high stumps, which have been of wonderful support for new local settlers – bushy roses.

4878453_fr_1025t (700x525, 76Kb)

Over time, curly on obrobku trunks flowers formed in the closed top of the long a corridor leading from the entrance to the estate and to the house.

4878453_fr_1026 (700x525, 352Kb)

All that Monet did at his garden, was not a spontaneous action by the layman. The artist is very serious about the prosperity of his floral Paradise.

4878453_fr_1027 (700x525, 343Kb)

Therefore, he firmly dealt with by professionals, bought the mountain of literature on this subject, collaborated with nurseries, buy new types of flowers, exchanging seeds or seedlings with neighbors.

4878453_fr_1028 (700x525, 364Kb)

Inner strength and beauty of local nature completely captured the heart and soul of the wizard. Most beautiful flowers garden, Monet ordered in different parts of the world – in Europe and Asia, some copies were brought to him from faraway Japan.

4878453_fr_1029 (700x525, 370Kb)

Claude Monet created his garden on the same principles as his paintings – every single flower is poured into the General harmony of colors.

4878453_fr_1031 (700x525, 343Kb)

the Garden is not born from Monet, constantly trying, seeking, experimenting.

4878453_fr_1030 (700x525, 342Kb)

During his travels he finds the right plants: from Rouen sends field mustard and two" маленькие funny nasturtiums", and from Norway promises to the children to bring" несколько special plants" the North of the country.

4878453_fr_1032 (700x525, 352Kb)

He collects books on gardening and more others appreciate the translation of the famous" Иллюстрированной history of horticulture" George Nichols, writes almost all the magazines about flowers and gardens; collects the seed catalogues, especially interested in new products.

4878453_fr_1034 (700x525, 311Kb)

In trips, the artist constantly returns to thoughts to Giverny. He asks his wife Alice"s garden, worried about the plants, advises on how best to care for the Pets of the greenhouse." Остались are the flowers still in the garden? I would like to see on my return, it still has the chrysanthemum. If freezing, slice them in beautiful букеты".

4878453_fr_1035 (700x525, 378Kb)

the front of the house, which is viewed from the Windows, the artist turned into a floral palette, mixing and matching paint.

4878453_fr_1036 (700x525, 380Kb)

In Monet"s garden variegated fragrant carpet of flowers divided by straight paths, like paints in a box.

4878453_fr_1033 (700x525, 279Kb)

Monet wrote flowers and painted flowers. He is truly a talented person and was an outstanding artist and an outstanding landscaper.

4878453_fr_1037 (700x525, 347Kb)

This is not a garden of flowers, is primarily a color garden, broken on the strict plan the artist"s hand. At the request of the wizard removed everything that does not belongs to a particular tint: spring is here the flowers are only pink and blue tones.

4878453_fr_1040 (700x525, 335Kb)

day after Day, year after year, patiently Monet created his garden. The artist"s eyes and hands of the gardener helped him to turn an ordinary manor house with fruit trees in a living picture, in which beauty and variability of nature is transmitted through color combinations and shapes.

4878453_fr_1038t (700x526, 61Kb)

In Monet"s garden was nothing superfluous, accidental, there was no blind collecting – only harmony.

4878453_fr_1039 (700x525, 357Kb)

each time of year special color scheme. In spring, the abundance of daffodils and tulips, then bloom rhododendrons, lilacs, Wisteria.

4878453_fr_1041s (700x525, 73Kb)

Later, the garden is transformed into a real sea of irises, their artist was particularly fond of.

4878453_fr_1047 (700x525, 280Kb)

Ivan Esaulkov
Oh, how great and fabulous he,
Claude Monet"s Garden in Giverny!
In many paintings he is depicted -
On them, my reader, take a look!

4878453_fr_1048 (700x525, 285Kb)

they Have to stand up not consider you for work -
can"t move,
Seeing what flowers are blooming there, -
Cannot set them look take away!

4878453_fr_1049 (700x525, 402Kb)

Azaleas, roses, daffodils, lilac,
Wisteria, irises, poppy!
Down on the track, a delicate shade -
a Lovely day, a sure sign!..

4878453_fr_1057 (700x525, 351Kb)

Everything created there is great difficulty
And enthusiasm Monet:
Paths, flower beds and house,
What is barely visible in the depths.

4878453_fr_1062 (700x525, 292Kb)

has Grown before the house blooming garden;
fabulous Garden full of wonders,
Caresses magic paints the eyes,
Giving rise to our interest!

4878453_fr_1066 (700x525, 389Kb)

And I want to go to Paris, in Giverny,
to See the most beautiful garden,
What is still alive, - and burning in our days
visitors look!..

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