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"Attention! Moscow Says!" - Yuri Levitan

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Levitan – the main enemy of Hitler: Why famous speaker was removed from the ester after the war.

Name Levitan meant for Soviet society very much. Stalin once asked, when will victory come?" When Levitan declare," retorted the Generalissimo.

In the individual rankings of the enemies of Adolf Hitler Russian speaker appeared at the first number. The Nazi leader gave team orders to hang Yuri Borisovich immediately after the capture of Moscow. According to various sources, the Nazis promised for the" head" Levitan 100-250 thousand marks – at that time, this amount was considered incredible!


IN the early 30-х to Moscow from Vladimir came 17-летний Yuri Levitan. The admission Commission refused him admission to the State College (RSIC) is not the appropriate age, awkward appearance and the provincial dialect. But this does not upset Vladimir purposeful boy. Accidentally he came across the announcement of a group of radiodoctor. The results of the listening candidate Levitan was approved, after which he became a trainee Radio Committee.

at First it was difficult — during the day he mostly carried by different offices documentation, and tea, and sleepless nights tirelessly pored over all kinds of speech, uprooting their Vladimir" Okan". Soon he had entrusted the duty for the Studio – read the short news and the announcement of the musical numbers.

the Situation has changed dramatically in the night of January 1934 live-го. Levitan read the editorial" Truth" when he heard Stalin himself, who loved to work under the radio. Stalin immediately contacted the leadership of the Radio Committee, saying that his speech at the XVII Congress should read this voice. And so began the glorious path of the legends of the USSR Yury Levitan.

the EVERYDAY life of the STATE VALUE

Two legendary Yuri Levitan and Gagarin.

Levitan read Stalin"s report for almost five hours, not allowing a single error. Thanks to this success the will of the leader the voice of Levitan became the official voice of the Soviet Kremlin. Yuri was only 19, but even at such a young age, he was entrusted to name the most important state documents. As soon as the radios came his famous" Attention! Moscow Says!", froze the entire Soviet audience, listening attentively to the essence of subsequent messages.

Unique tone of voice Levitan learned every. Even today, its distinctive flavor identificeret at the hearing, even those who in the Soviet Union and lived. Despite the fact that Yuri was famous all over the country, in the face of it little known – only family, friends and colleagues. The legendary voice of Levitan hardly correlated with its appearance. But it gave him the opportunity to protect private life from intervention of bystanders and the opposing fans.

HUNTING ON the head of the SPEAKER

Speakers Levitan and Vysotskaya during a military operation in Sverdlovsk.

Early Sunday morning, June 22, Levitan urgently summoned to the Studio, without notifying on the reasons. Phone in the workplace was torn — continuous stream of calls were reports of German aircraft and the widespread bombing. That same day, Yuri Borisovich happened 9 times to read a disturbing government report from the Kremlin about the German attack. So Levitan for years ahead became the voice of war.

From this point on reports Levitan, always precise and measured, gave people hope for the victory. As later recalled friend and colleague of Levitan Lyashenko, the listeners it seemed that the voice of Yuri Borisovich sweeps on your way enemy tanks, tactical the clouds cleared, revealing the clear sky. Levitan appeared in the list of the main enemies of Hitler in a leading position. His head was estimated at a fabulous sum. Therefore, the Soviet authorities had steadfastly protect the speaker, aware of its value and the value for the front, rear and the occupied cities. Put protection accompanied Levitan on the clock when he had to leave his family home and settle in Sverdlovsk, for operational scoring front-line reports, urgent go live.

there was even information that the city planned to throw the task force for the elimination of the hated Fuhrer speaker. Therefore, the Soviet intelligence services were spreading the false rumor about appearance Levitan, trying to mislead the informants of the Germans. Hitler"s intentions crashed on the heroism of the Soviet army, and on 9 may 45-го Levitan was holding the envelope with the long-awaited summary of the great Victory. In total, over 4 years of war Yuri is read by more than 120 urgent messages and thousands of frontline reports. Later, 50-е, he again returned to these texts, participating in historical reports for radiarion.

post-war OBLIVION

Grave Levitan in Moscow.

after the war, honored speaker remained mainly in the Soviet Union, but much less was heard in the air. Each recognizable voice Levitan traditionally associated listeners with only the most important and urgent information. From him the country learned about the failing health of the leader, on his death, the great announcer told the Soviet Union about space flight of Gagarin. But over time, Levitan almost got suspended from the radio, explaining that his voice is associated in people with a tragic military events.

Now he from time to time appeared in the TV shows or the voice of newsreels and narration, while also working with young trainees. 70-е the country almost ceased to hear Levitan. In August 1983-го he was invited to participate in the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of Orel and Belgorod. Before leaving Yuri complained of unstable health, but to cancel the trip refused, despite the entreaties of loved ones. He was wrong on the field of the battle of Kursk - Prokhorovka. Local village doctors were powerless — heart failure at too high a temperature and not left Levitan chance.

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