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Where did Claude Monet

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We have to go to the town of Giverny – house and creative workshop French painter-пейзажиста Claude Monet, one of the founders of impressionism.

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Portrait Of Claude Monet. Artist Pierre Auguste Renoir. 1875.

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From Paris we will travel 80 kilometers to the North of France.

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I would Like just one. To dark clouds at the most inopportune moment to burst into rain.

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While going briefly recall the biography of Monet.

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Claude Oscar Monet was born on 14 Feb 1840 in Paris. When the boy was five years old, the family moved to Normandy, Le Havre.

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against the wishes of his father to become a grocer, Claude from a young age thirsted for painting and with pleasure drew cartoons.

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On the Sunny beaches of France Claude Monet met eugène Boudin, a well-known landscape painter and one of the forerunners of impressionism. Boudin gave Monet young the first skills of work in the open air and laid a kind of vision in painting.

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In 1860 Claude Monet was called up for military service and went to Algeria, but from the statutory seven-year period served less than two years: he was ill with typhus, it helped the artist to demobilize.

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In 1862, Monet enrolled at the University in the faculty of arts, but left, disillusioned with the prevailing there ossified approaches to painting.

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after Leaving the University, Monet continued her studies in the Studio of painting of Charles Gleyre, where he met Auguste Renoir, Alfred Saleem and Frederick Basil.

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Fresh looks for painting and the joint work of young artists in nature without refinement of the paintings in the Studio led to the formation of a new direction in art, which in 1874, received the name" импрессионизм" at the same landscape by Claude Monet" Впечатление. Rising sun".

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Like most innovators in art, Monet"s life was not easy.

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Pictures, called by critics" сплошным vpechatlenieto", sold poorly, and his financial situation was so severe that an artist once tried to commit suicide.

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Only in 1883 Monet after moving to the small town of Giverny near Paris, his popularity began to grow rapidly, and with it the material condition.

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Since that time, Monet in his work fully with the ideology of impressionism" не matter what is depicted, it is important as shown".

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He concentrates on the technique of painting, displaying a fluidity of moments, moods, changes the nuances of the environment in different weather, under different lighting conditions.

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the Artist writes a series of numerous works depicting haystacks, poplars, water lilies, Rouen Cathedral, the Parliament building, the banks of the Seine.

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most of the paintings of Claude Monet, which is now the highest cost, belongs to this period of his work.

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In 1923, Monet underwent two operations to remove cataracts eyes, but continued to work until the end of life. Oscar Claude Monet died in 1926 in Giverny at age 86, and was buried in the local churchyard.

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Move The Seine.

4878453_fr_1106t_1_ (700x513, 41Kb)

4878453_fr_1110 (700x525, 210Kb)

4878453_fr_1111 (700x525, 235Kb)

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Giverny is a small, lovely, typical Normandy town. Now it is home to about 550 people.

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If not for the arrival of Claude Monet, he probably would have remained a quiet provincial place.

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But many years of life that held Monet in Giverny, has transformed the town into a world famous place of pilgrimage art.

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even during the life of Monet at Giverny in the streets once walked by Renoir, Matisse, Cezanne, Pissarro.

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In 1996, Giverny was visited by Hillary Clinton, the first lady of the United States, and in 2007 – Japanese Emperor Akihito.

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And here we are now going for a walk. Tothe way, the weather is getting better, which is very pleasing.

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We were here a few years ago. This time I decided to call again.

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