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Творчество норвежского художника Ханса Даля.

the Work of the Norwegian artist Hans Dahl.

the Work of the Norwegian artist Hans Dahl completely filled with positive emotions. Its permanent characters – a smiling young beauties in their national costumes. At the turn of XIX-ХХ century painter refused to move from romanticism to modernism, which aroused sharp criticism and ridicule for their almost pastoral. However, today reproductions of paintings by Hans Dahl in demand among the masters of decoupage, because the charming girls in the majestic fjords and the mountains will cheer up anyone.

Летний день у фьорда. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

Summer day by the fjord. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.

Hans Dahl (Hans Dahl) was born in 1849 in the city Granvin (Western Norway). The artist"s talent manifested itself in him in adolescence. Hans Dahl decided to connect his life with painting, but first he had to undergo compulsory military service. After the army, the young man went for training to the eminent artists in Germany in Karlsruhe, then in düsseldorf.

Летний день. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

Summer day. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.
Девушка у фьорда. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

the girl at the fjord. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.

meanwhile, there came the turn of the XIX-ХХ centuries, and paintings" ворвались" artists-новаторы. Avant-garde artists experimented with new concepts, simplified the image. Hans Dahl did not want to move from romanticism to modernism, provoked ridicule and criticism of the modernists.

In the works of Norwegian painter was dominated by native landscapes with fjords and high mountains, smiling girls in traditional costumes.

Девушка на лугу. Ханс Даль, 1894 год. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

the Girl in the meadow. Hans Dahl, 1894. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.

Hans Dahl married the daughter of the German artist Clemens Bever. His son Hans Anders Dal followed in the footsteps of his father. Their manners are very similar. Contemporary art historians can"t come to a common opinion, whose brushes (son or father) belong to the later paintings. This is often the picture of dal-младшего relate to the work of the father.

Отдых девушек после косьбы. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

the rest of the girls after mowing. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.
Летний день в горах. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

Summer day in the mountains. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.
Девушка-жнец. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

Girl-жнец. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.
Девушка возле фьорда. | Фото: fiveminutehistory.com.

girl near the fjord. | Photo: fiveminutehistory.com.

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/211017/36404/

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