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Boris Valentinovich Shcherbakov was born on 7 APR 1916 in Petrograd in a family of artists. Father, Valentin S., studied at I. Repin and graduated from the Academy of fine arts in 1909, at the Studio of F. A. Roubaud in 1918 Valentin Semenovich and his family moved from hungry Petrograd to his native Kazan, where he was offered work as a painter in the theater. This gives the possibility of some-как to feed the family. Infant son instead of toys sees canvases, brushes, paints, and pleasure begins to draw.
Father jokingly gives the drawings a four year old son to the exhibition of the futurists and... take them. So begins" творческая biography" Boris Shcherbakov. Soon the family returned to Petrograd. A son"s love for painting is expressed in aspiration of the child to imitate the father, in six-восемь years he paints decorative plates, father is currently working at the Leningrad porcelain factory. Explicit ability boy Valentine Semenovich encouraged to engage in artistic education of his son, his friends-художники happy to help him. Thirteen-year-old Boris with pleasure goes to the sketches with a friend of his father A. A. Silovym.

In 1933, B. V. Shcherbakov became a student of the Russian Academy of arts in Leningrad. Led the Academy at that time a remarkable artist, one of the most talented pupils of I. E. Repin I. I. Brodsky. It was a time of transformation of higher art schools on a realistic basis, using the knowledge, experience and traditions of the world realistic art the time of art approval of socialist realism. The youth is eager to master a high level of professional knowledge, happy to studied at the works of old masters. V. N. Yakovlev, V. E. Savinsky, I. I. Brodsky, a teacher whose authority was unusually high for B. V. Shcherbakova.

In 1939, Boris Shcherbakov graduated from the Academy of fine arts.


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