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In a city garden brass band plays. Ancient waltzes

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50-е 20 years-го century. The years of my childhood. Just in these years in our country was a very popular brass band. At the weekend people went to the city Park to have fun and to relax from everyday work. In the Park there"s a fountain, a pavilion with a reading room, a kiosk selling ice cream and carbonated water with syrup and definitely a dance floor, where a brass band played.Dancing has always been a lot. People were dancing not only on the court, but just around the Park, where a brass band played. The orchestra played a tango, a Foxtrot and of course the waltz. At that time, the waltz danced. Still it is a very beautiful and joyful dance and is always pleasant music. Of waltzes of the legs themselves begin to dance. I suggest listening to a wonderful old waltz, which was danced our parents.

Waltz" На the hills of Manchuria"

On the hills of Manchuria — Russian waltz of the early XX century, dedicated to those who died in the Russo-японской war soldiers 214@Moksha ndashго reserve infantry regiment. Author — military bandmaster of the regiment Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov.

Waltz" Дунайские wave"

Waltz" Дунайские wave" was written by Romanian composer of Serbian origin Iosif Ivanovich in 1880, is one of the most famous Romanian tunes in the world. Ivanovich wrote the waltz in Galati (on the Danube), where he held the position of bandmaster of a brass band 6-го Romanian infantry regiment. The waltz was first published in Bucharest in 1880, with a dedication to the wife of music publisher Constantin Geborene.

Shostakovich. Vals iz K/f" Первый echelon"

Waltz" Осенний sleep"

the Waltz by Archibald Joyce, published in 1908. In the West, especially known for the fact that maybe it was the band drowning" Титаника". The history of the waltz and his Russian text researched Y. E. Biryukov. Usually attributable to conventional categories old, he lost touch with the country of origin and specific author.

the Accidental waltz.

Music by composer Mark Fradkin on verses of Yevgeny Dolmatovsky

may 9, 2012, noon, Ryazan, Lenina square." Вальс Victory. Spring 45-го year" - project dance School Provincial ball and culture Department of the city of Ryazan.


the Author of the waltz Eugene M. Dreizin. Since 1903, he fought in the Russian army and Navy, was also a member of the Russian-японской war. Was a conductor 26-го East-Сибирского regiment, commanded by the brave General-майор V. G. Semenov. E. Dreizin displayed heroism during the defense of Port-Артура. After the surrender of the fortress the defenders fell into Japanese captivity and was in camp Matsuyama. Waltz" Березка" was written by him there in captivity. Home-sick, he tried to Express, and to Express FILIAL feeling of love to native land, the unique Russian nature, faith in his people, his invincible power.

Waltz" Амурские wave"

the Waltz was written by max Avelyevich Custom in 1909, during his service as Kapellmeister 11-го East-Сибирского regiment stationed in Vladivostok in 1906. It is believed that waltz is dedicated to the far Eastern public figure Vera Yakovlevna Kirillenko, which, according to some sources, the composer was in love. Initially, the waltz was called" Волны Amur Bay". It is on the banks of Amur Bay is Vladivostok. Bay then dropped from the title, the waltz became associated with the Amur river.

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