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Maximov Vasily Maximovich was born in 1844 into a peasant family. Early deprived parents, was apprenticed to icon-painting workshop, where he received his first painting lessons. In 1863 Maksimov entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts as a volunteer. After going through the entire academic course in three years, the artist has abandoned the competition for a gold medal, as once refused group" четырнадцати" headed I. N. Kramskoy." Я against foreign travel, because I want to study first, Russia and the poor Russian village, which nobody knows, does not know the village needs and grief", — he said.
Received in 1866 the title of class artist of 3-й degree, Maximov went to the village of Shubino in Tver province in the estate Golenishev-Кутузовых, to the position of home teacher of drawing. In the summer of the same year he made a trip but the Volga, which left a lot of vivid impressions.

One of his first works" Бабушкины tales" (1867) was shown at the exhibition of the Wanderers, was a success. was awarded and then acquired by Tretyakov for his gallery.

the Most complete talent Maximova appeared in the picture" Приход sorcerer at a peasant wedding" (1875). This epic of national life, with an abundance of characters, is marked by a deep knowledge of village life. Peasants themselves, posed Maximov, said to him:" Ты our if and write, not for смеху".

In the picture" Больной husband" (1881), the artist has kept close to his subject, depicting a sick peasant village PA couch, in the house where icons were bent mournful female figure.

In these years Maximov has created a series of paintings devoted to the life of the poor peasant heavy Dole:" Бедный dinner" (1879),

"Аукцион for arrears" (1880),

"Слепой owner" (1884),

"У his band" (1891).

About similar works by the artist I. N. Archaeology said:" Да, Yes, the people wrote his picture. <…> Here, the genre painters, who learn". The atmosphere of post-reform villages, the decomposition of the Patriarchal life, showed Maximov in the work" Семейный section" (1876), depicting the division of property between two brothers. Self-interest and greed, on the one hand, and vulnerability and gentleness — on the other. This eternal theme is particularly strongly expressed in female images: a bereft and cheated the younger daughter-in-law, in whose appearance was affected by the tradition of poetic feminine types he used, the artist has contrasted the greedy and foolish wife of his older brother." Кремень peredvizhnichestva"," самый enduring stone of its Foundation" — so-called Maksimova I. E. Repin.

member of the first traveling exhibition, which was unanimously adopted in November 1872 in the ranks of the Peredvizhniki group, artist, all his work was dedicated to the image of the people. Among the important works of Maximov stands somewhat apart from the Central themes of his work painting" Все in the past" (1889). Imbued with nostalgia for a bygone era, it continues the motif of Turgenev"s dying" дворянских nests". The picture was a great success and was many times repeated by the artist.

Artist several times" отходил from" крестьянской themes" in such films as" Метеринство"(1871.)

"s diploma" (1866)

"Шитье dowry (1866)


the Last two decades of life Maksimova was full of the bitter poverty and deprivation. Survivors their topics (in place of the Wanderers came artists new directions), it is of almost no customers; on the-прежнему wrote stories of peasant life, and shortly before his death he began painting" Прощеное Sunday", but never finished it. Poverty, malnutrition, disease brought the artist to the grave. He died in 1911.


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