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Cloisonne Fedor Rückert

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The most famous master of cloisonne enamel Fedor rückert was born in France in 1840.
He came to Russia at the age of 14 years.

1886 talented-эмальер opened his own Studio silver jewelry and in 1887 entered into a contract with the legendary fabergé firm.

From the workshop Rückert went up to 80% of all products with enamel, bearing the mark of Faberge and glorified Russian art is an amazing enamel painting, depicting the beauty and charm of Russian olden time.

However, Fedor Ruckert never worked exclusively for Faberge, although he was the main supplier of enamel in the Russian style. Later rückert began to take orders from firms-конкурентов Faberge – the famous workshops Ovchinnikov, Kurlyukova and Marshak.

Special gamma, filigree, as if crossed deliberately careless cross-hatching, or curled into a tight gilt balls – all this created a special Robertosch style, his easily recognizable artistic handwriting.

Feodor Ivanovich died in 1917, his grave is at the Vvedenskoye cemetery in Moscow.

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