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Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 30.07.2019 в 12:00

  • PN, 12:32: Kholmogorov offered a key to the understanding of the government"s actions, saying the opposition presses on" права" - give us our legal... https://t.co/KA3iYPQBFg
  • PN, 14:36: such dark poetry from Haim Sokol on the occasion of 27 July
  • PN, 16:38: What-то said. The main idea is that unlike Marsh, there is still more than a month of the election campaign. So... https://t.co/Z1IT6WsmlC
  • PN, 23:13: and I rolled! Haim Sokol gave us with Nasty work. Tomorrow all are welcome at the exhibition
  • W, 00:58: REN TV" about the protests in Moscow the candidates to the Moscow city Duma not came — they outlasted the danger of... https://t.co/aWwr7UWU4d
  • W, 11:35: encourage me

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