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It was called "Великим the actor". Evgeny Lebedev

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Evgeniy Alekseevich Lebedev. (2 [15] Jan 1917 — June 9, 1997). Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, teacher, people"s artist of USSR, Hero of Socialist labor, laureate of Lenin prize, the Stalin prize first degree, the State award of the USSR.

the theater and cinema Actor Yevgeny Lebedev called" великим the actor". The man is easily turned into a fabulous and lyrical heroes in the party workers, ordinary workers and comedic characters. In the Treasury of theatrical works was a place even the role of Joseph Stalin. Eugene A. – a complicated man of destiny. Friends and colleagues believed that the tragedy of life made man as an actor, affecting all the work.

Childhood and adolescence
the Actor was born in the family priest, who lived and served in the city of Balakovo, Saratov region. This relationship is not painted biography Lebedev, therefore, had for many years to disguise the origin. The father of the Soviet state machine was not spared, in 1937, the man was arrested, and soon in camp and went to mom. The actor became a son of enemies of the people. After the war his father was shot.
10 years Eugene was raised by his grandfather, which the boy moved to Samara, and from 12 has worked. In parallel, he studied first at school, then enrolled at a factory school, organized on the base of the plant" Кинап". Here-то boy and understand what is the soul – became the activist Amateur. In the end joined the ranks of the Studio, opened in Samara theatre of working youth.
In the future, already an established actor in the stories will tell the fans, what difficulties had to face. Jack hid from surrounding the origin, according to legend, his parents died in 1921 from famine on the Volga. The young man organized a Komsomol cell, the period of collectivization worked on the instructions of the provincial Committee in the villages with youth.

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But once the truth came out, old friends and comrades to tears shame 16-летнего Komsomolets, then priest"s son, and prematurely buried his parents. Lie had and after the execution of his father. Eugene was a senior in the family, where he grew up four children. Younger sister he gave to the orphanage, pretending to not know the girl. These events are also reflected in the memoirs of men.
In 1933, the aspiring actor went to the capital of Russia, where he was warmly received in the Theater of the red army. Later studied in GITIS and the current school Chamber theatre. Bread earned where necessary.
Visited as a laborer in a butter factory, tried to force in the construction business, even worked at the candy factory" Красный October" in the position of the roller. The money is still not enough, and sometimes had to sleep on the street.

In the future, Eugene A. was run through the Union. Talented saratovec the distribution was in the troupe of the Tbilisi theatre, where he rose to leading man. The repertoire was filled with vivid roles from plays of Alexander Ostrovsky, Denis Fonvizin and other classics of Russian literature. Lebedev even played Baba-Ягу. The actor once again returned to Moscow, and from there he moved to Leningrad, where already forever settled.
Filmography of the actor is impressive – Evgeni participated in more than 90 film projects. For the first time appeared on the screen at a Mature age. In 1952 the theatre artist was invited to the modest role of the bones in the biographical picture" Римский-Корсаков", shot by Grigory Roshal and Gennady Kazansky.

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And three years later came the unforgettable Romashov – character film adaptation of Veniamin Kaverin" Два captain". At the same time, Lebedev withdrew from Friedrich Ermler in" Неоконченной story". Got the role of Secretary of the Communist Fedor, and colleagues on the set were the stars of the Soviet screen – Elina Bystritskaya, Sergey Bondarchuk, Eugeny Samoilov.
a Life in the theater was very different from the movie experience. The Directors could not access the diversity of talent of the actor and is therefore not in a hurry to offer the lead roles in the movies. However, the minor characters the man managed masterfully to turn almost leading. This proves the scattering of tapes.
Evgenii Alekseevich brilliantly reincarnated into Agathon Dubtsova in the drama based on the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov" Поднятая virgin" in Suprugov military ribbon" Поезд mercy", shot on the novel by Vera Panova.
Forever in the memory of the audience left the game Lebedeva in the film Gleb Panfilov" В no path through fire", where he tried on the image of the Colonel, and in light Comedy" Свадьба Robin", which appeared in the guise grandfather Nechipor.

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Evgeny Lebedev in the film" Свадьба Robin"Евгений Lebedev in movie" Свадьба Robin"
Evgeny Lebedev Rarely had the chance to play a major role, but if this happened, the actor was at the height. What is the image of the father who goes to visit her sons in the lyrical drama" Последний month of autumn". Eugene A. has performed the role with piercing tenderness.
Evgeny Lebedev in movie" Блокада"Евгений Lebedev in movie" Блокада"
Memorable, vivid turned out Bron"ka Pupkov from kinonovell" Странные people", staged by Vasily Shukshin. And the role of Mikhail Ershov in the military epic" Блокада" assessed at the highest level, giving Lebedev the State prize of the RSFSR. Vasilyev brothers.

the Last film of Yevgeny Alexeyevich became Comedy" На whom God would send" which was presented in 1994 by Director Vladimir Zaykin. Starring in the film played by Larisa Udovichenko and Stanislav Sadalsky.
Project Declaration to the advertised website. Developer: LTD" Солнечный Park"

Personal life

Working at the Tbilisi theatre, Evgeny Lebedev became friends with the Director George Tovstonogov, even filmed in his apartment room. Friend and colleague, remained devoted to the end of life. Evgeni wanted to play king Lear, he knew the role, but never received from the Director a gift. But when the actor proposed to implement this way in other theaters, he invariably refused, fearing to offend George Alexandrovich.
the Actor married the younger sister she had multi-plied, the marriage lasted a lifetime. The couple had only one child – a son who later became a movie Director. In the memories of friend and colleague, actor Oleg Basilashvili said that Lebedev has carried through life the blame for leaving the orphanage with his sister, was never able to forgive yourself.
Apparently, so the artist tried to spoil his own son, until a drop gave warmth and care. By the way, sister, many years later, still found.
Eugene A. was known as a handyman, created crafts out of wood, could easily make repairs, alter clothes, to catch fish, loved to cook.
Another pipe dream of actor – grandson. Lebedev died a year before the appearance of the child in the family of his son, the child was named after his grandfather Eugene.

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Evgeny Lebedev suffered a stroke, lost his speech and ability to move. I had to learn anew to speak and walk. A man of strong will could overcome the disease and even return to the theater stage. Wife Natela Alexandrovna remembered that the disease is all-таки cheated on spouse. To disease Lebedev differed cheerful disposition, enjoyed joking and was easy to communicate, and then withdrew, to communicate with him became difficult.
In 1997, the actor put on the operation, which the wife thought this was completely unnecessary. 9 Jun Eugene A. did not. Ashes" великого litsedeya" buried at the Volkov cemetery in Санкт-Петербурге.
2007-м released film about the life of an actor @actor quotНеистовый" where Evgeny Lebedev remember actors and Directors Galina Volchek, Gleb Panfilov, Mikhail Ulyanov and other movie stars.

Full text: https://24smi.org/celebrity/13260-evgenii-lebedev.html

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