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Of the poetic heritage of the artist Pavel Fedotov

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Poems Fedotov wrote throughout his life, most intense - in recent years,;, however, always in fits and starts, in moments of relaxation. This is a fable, a poetic explanation of his own paintings, lyric poems, songs, etc. Poems Fedotov for their artistic value established on a General basis with beautifully-графическими works and related their sentiments and topics. A large and most interesting part of the poetry - satirical works. It is a social satire that often involve political foundations of the Russian Empire. Of course, that printed such works could not be. Not intending his poetic experiences for print, Fedotov usually read them to friends, and those who wrote and distributed them in lists. Some works, especially poem" Поправка circumstances, or Courting major", acquired in the lists of popularity. Publication of poetic inheritance Fedotov began shortly after his death and lasted for a long time from-за obstacles imposed censorship. The most complete poetic works-it was published in our time, the book-J. D. Leszczynski" Павел Andreevich Fedotov - artist and poet" (Л.-М, 1946).

Bee and flower.

Flying around the world, of course, with the Medoc,08_fedotov (497x600, 91Kb)
a Bee flew into the house.
he Saw in the window pots
And in those pots flowers,
how not to get pregnant?
Where a loved one will relate to
Not only what the bees - and we, the people, itching.
Favorite though the crack to see @ - a
And the joy, @ - a
And here bee flowers - why did she need more?
is human legible and whimsical race
Flowers to yourself bad in a mansion does not take
And all of the great species.
Kohl look at other not so pleasant,
So perhaps fragrant.
And truly, bee
In home one flower a pedigree found,

Yes, but not in the kin, he-то grew up so poor

And bloomed so pale,
not something to look at.
Bee thought," Попробую sniff!
Perhaps comforted by the aroma,
Maybe medco will find even an atom!"
But what?.. And
were Not from him.
Bee stinger shoulder-only:
" Земля, eh, under you, little flower, skinny?"
000083 (700x472, 107Kb)
Thought and slid down the -

the Land was good
And watered as necessary.
Hardworking bee took a shame.
(he Who is hard-working,
inaction of other terribly ticklish;
"ll think, right, that lazy.)
And attributing everything to laziness,
Bee pangs, fine
On frail flower
Sprinkled both the bag:
" Урод, - humming it, - a disgrace to your breed!
You know how everywhere they honor people?

And you his gifts of nature

Where to go?"
the sting
Oh the revenge shook.
" А I, - flower then sadly answered, @ - a
blessed, when about this and didn"t know.
Desire not languishing and indifferent,
I, maybe, would be better if it blossomed in this area is muggy!
the Window to the North here, dear, take a look!
Opposite - wall, and I"ve been living in shadows,
In the shade!.. Meanwhile with the times of the beginning of grace
In the shower about sweet about that-то whispered,
however, alas, well then it seemed to me,
What-то here in my window
The sweet whisper muffled,
But I was still young
not clear it is understood
And growing up like everyone else. When did the phenomenon of the kidney
All cried out," Вот flower!" @ - a
Then wide rumor
Soul vague words
A I explained.
I understood what nature gave me,
What shiny I gave it a lot.
For him to achieve his desire flew @ - a
Soul only funds were looking for, @ - a
But, alas, fate refused me greedily!
I crave the sun, but it is
not a fan In my window!
the Desire of the ardent desires left,
From hopelessness beams them to the center shrank,
And a dead heat now, how the hell in me firing
And the entire composition is my pipelet!
So don"t be surprised, bee, that I color so sluggish,
not blame me, do not understand for being lazy.
the Insignificance of my start @ - a
Talent, pray that the sun of happiness
took a Look sometimes in your little window.
Otherwise, like flowers,
In the shade will freeze and you.

42 (253x52, 4Kb)


attach (700x484, 65Kb)

got a bad connection,
decent People ashamed
There is them as can be avoided,
Friends under the suit really select;
Friends under the suit only follow;
Over indulgence as their
the Host has them
to Justify their errors:
For the indulgence - the indulgence.
Then, fearing to offend them,
He will not refuse to share
And with them, what they like,
And so he reluctantly poison
First, wincing, to drink,
Then, accustomed, finding
What the poison is not so dangerous,
the murmur on him in vain,
And finally knew for dirt
will fall in love with her, akin to,
And will even wonder
How could he be afraid of this.
But in the meantime you can see that
What it is for decent people
Became more still to suit
In a circle to be @ - a really kind of adversity,
Reproach full their eyes.
Then, with grief running away from them
Stravou conscience, he seeks
In rampant passion to poselitsya,
And, intoxicated, happy he;
Then the conscience found sleep.
And here in the field of debauchery
he"s Too far, no return,
become weak conscience from sleep,
From intoxication, and she,
Sometimes a shadow inseparable

www_artru_info (700x458, 111Kb)Trailed behind him, as the guardian of tiresome,
And kept it from harm.
But the shadow cutting, since bright light.
It"s the sun whirlwind mighty
Passions, the vices of the black cloud
Eclipsed, as in the gloom of the subject;
It was dark - and no shadow.
So he"s alone in the dark is haunting,
In the dark shadow behind him can not walk.

Win celebrating, Vice
Cheeky wears a crown.
And if you meet suddenly contempt
I do not remorse, but vengeance
In the soul of a vicious boil:
mischief - step, since the conscience sleeps.

42 (253x52, 4Kb)


Long ago when-то from the gods,

I don"t know, through the clouds.

Reported in the Sun was the attitude,

That it the gods came from the earth petition,

What if it"s not warm all the same,

And the Sun, think that is what created,

What on earth is flowers the other is not laziness

Bloom can"t, and from the shadows.

whether it is Impossible than-нибудь to correct this evil?

And the Sun is five hundred times read

And with attention from all sides looked

This thing, wanting to please the gods.0030 (549x700, 36Kb)

Yes, but in the papers there

of the main words one was the word,

Which for the Sun is Novo.

And the Sun was in the stump. That word was: ten.

of course, now for the lexicon

Academic, and in the hold,

Opening with the word tiny leaf,

having Understood from the first rows hint

the lack of light, he cried out the Sun:

"Вздор it all! Chasing earth a century on a rope upside down,

I know her entire circle

And in life did not see any object,

So there was no light on it!

of Course, round the edges are always darker,

But if there is a dictionary of things and smarter?"

let"s again about the shadow to read.

Shadow, it is said, is always the subject,

Which will light.

Let"s explore, out of any object,

Yes, if behind there is no shadow, so the gods played a joke.

the subject of experience piled up.

lo and Behold, truly, for him light.

"Ну! - the Sun says - heart relieved!

and that really would have been a shame,

What if I someone-нибудь shame,

What if my

Things gaze was not direct,

So this word teni - fiction empty

To replenish the dictionary!"

And the complaint of the earth

For lack of meaning in it

Ago sent soon.

@- [email protected] - [email protected] - [email protected] - [email protected] - a

of Course, that joy Shine on those who luckily get

the beam shone On the earth. Admiring the sun, the fate illuminated

Him, reluctantly happy for them and seeing all the rays of his,

Understand whether obscured by the mount?..

zachaepitiem (480x550, 129Kb)

1318543512_nachalnik-i-podchinennyy_www.nevsepic.com.ua (577x700, 59Kb)

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