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These whistles in the form of a fantastic animal with a long neck and usually stacked horns is not like any other. The fishery began in the mid nineteenth century in the village of Abashevo Penza province, whose inhabitants made pottery making. Among the rural craftsmen of the Abashevo toys has been a lot of conservatives, and it is believed that multi-stage horns, traditionally used in the explanation of the masters symbolize the ladder to God.

Абашевска игрушка. Фото:politinform.su
Habasescu toy. Photo:politinform.su

the Secrets of the manufacture of such figurines usually is passed down from generation to generation. Now this trade is not so widespread as before.


Painting on white enamel, called" финифть" in the old days was often used in the manufacture of jewelry. It is quite an old craft that originated about 400 years ago, near Vologda, and received its development in Rostov Veliky. At first, the artists depicted on the products of miniature icons, but later began to appear and natural motifs (flowers, birds, etc.).

Старинный флакон./Фото:blogspot.com
the Old bottle./Photo:blogspot.com

masters for the production of enamel (as in old Russia called the enamel) are still working and in Vologda, and in Rostov, and similar products can be found in sale in the souvenir shops.

Более современный вариант финифти./Фото:rus-promisel.ru
a More modern version of enamel./Фото:rus-promisel.ru

Kostroma filigree

Very interesting jewelry technique called" скань" is a" плетение" patterns from subtle metallic threads. In Russia it has been known since the IX century. Usually for the manufacture of products (and this can be figures of people, and coasters, and jewelry) masters use pure ductile metals — gold, copper, silver.
There are two types of filigree – delicate (for fine jewelry) and fused on a complete basis (for decoration of household items – trays, vases, etc.).

Этот вид промысла применяли при изготовлении самых разных вещей./Фото:nazaccent.ru
This fishery was used in the manufacture of different things./Photo:nazaccent.EN

the Most famous masters of this industry lived in the village of Red Kostroma province. Still there exists a factory, producing products of different types of metals using the technique of filigree.

Костромская скань./Фото:nazaccent.ru
Kostroma filigree./Photo:nazaccent.EN

Tomsk Beresta

This kind of activity-that of weaving of birch bark, was originally distributed among the Northern masters, Vologda, Novgorod and Arkhangelsk. However, at the end of the eighteenth century, the natives of the Arkhangelsk province, who moved to the Tomsk region, became the ancestors of art to create a very unique and recognizable products made of embossed and carved birch bark.

Томская береста./Фото:tomsk.ru
Tomsk Beresta./Photo:tomsk.EN

the blocking is performed manually with the help of stamping is also used birch bark Welt. As ornament, usually portrayed twigs, leaves, flowers.

Томская береста./Фото:tomgrad.ru
Tomsk Beresta./Photo:tomgrad.EN

Bogorodskaya toy

This fishery originated, as the name implies, in the village of Bogorodskoe. It is located in the Moscow region, and even on its coat of arms etched wooden figures – a man and a bear. The first such toy in the village began to do roughly the second half of the XVIII century, and finally formed the fishery by the early nineteenth century. The most frequent characters portrayed by the masters of wooden toy – man (usually axe) and bear. Meet the animals – squirrels, hares, hens, roosters. These toys are usually carved from soft wood.

Богородская игрушка./Фото:perunica.ru
Bogorodskaya toy./Photo:perunica.EN

From toys there are two characteristic features: in-первых, it is usually not dyed, and-вторых, in its classic version it is moving. When pulling the rope attached to the toy, the character starts to do uniform motion. A well-known example of such toys – chickens, which peck grain, or a lumberjack, which then raises, then lowers his axe.

Типичная богородская игрушка (современный вариант)./Фото:perunica.ru
Typical Bogorodskaya toy (the modern version)./Photo:perunica.EN

Медведи очень часто использовались в качестве героев богородскими мастерами./Фото:perunica.ru
Bears are very often used as subjects of the Bogorodskoe craftsmen./Photo:perunica.EN

Mezen painting

This is a very old form of arts and crafts of Northern masters. Art originated from the banks of the river Mezen.

Мезенская роспись./Фото:vesturism.ru
Mezen painting./Photo:vesturism.EN

Figures (mainly horses and deer) are depicted schematically, by applying dashes, crosses, short curls, etc.. it is usually used two colors – red and black. This painting masters often decorated with household items.

Обычно используют красный и черный цвета./Фото:pinterest.ru
Usually use red and black colors./Photo:pinterest.EN

Fishing was circulated at the turn of XIX -XX centuries, but after the revolution, virtually disappeared and was revived only in the 1960s-х years.

Boretskaya painting

This kind of painting that arose in the village Borok of Sensornogo County, there are more than one hundred years. Still there are talented artists who have received the secrets of their fathers and grandfathers.

Борецкая роспись./Фото:Максим шанин.
Boretskaya painting./Photo:Maxim Shanin.

Ornament painting consists of triangles, diamonds, curls, circles, and colors are typically used a variety of brown, red, green, yellow, rarely blue.

Борецкая роспись./ фото:showbell.ru, коллекция О.Поповой
Boretskaya painting./ фото:showbell.ru the collection of O. Popova

Shemogodskoe thread

Shemogodskoe thread, or as it is called" берестяное lace" is a technique of through-slot and stamping on birch bark. The greatest development of this trade has received in the XVIII century thanks to the art of Shemogodskoe parish Veliky Ustyug district.

Шемогодская резьба./Фото:factsabout.ru
Shemogodskoe thread./Photo:factsabout.EN

most often such carvings decorated boxes, tuecke, chests. When running pattern, typically observed a strict symmetry. Until now, these products can be found in the sale in the souvenir shops of Veliky Ustyug and Vologda region in General.

Шедевры мастеров-резчиков./Фото:slavyanskaya-kultura.ru
Masterpieces of-резчиков./Фото:slavyanskaya-kultura.ru

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/100719/43625/

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