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Enchanting melodies of the Nocturnes

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Friends, today we will get acquainted with the beautiful Nocturnes by Russian composers that are heard in the musical accompaniment of some of our smolikau (rollers).
Nocturne – a characteristic genre of romantic music, a kind of lyrical miniatures – is notable for its original topic. Word" ноктюрн" in French means" ночная song" lyrical, dreamy nature. Nocturne is a French word in this sense was first used by John field in 1810-х years, although the Italian term notturno existed in the XVIII century and designated the music performed in the open air.Nocturne has become a real hallmark of romanticism. In the classical concept of the night was the personification of evil, classical pieces ended with a triumphant victory of light over darkness. Romance, by contrast, preferred night — the time in which the soul reveals its true features, when you can dream and think about everything, contemplating a quiet nature, is not burdened by the vanity of the day.
read More about Nocturne: https://EN.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nocturne
(to read about the creative ways composers - click on name or photo. To listen to the Nocturnes and watch videos - click on the picture or the name of the movie)

5107871_Vielgorskii (100x146, 27Kb)

Vielgorsky Mikhail (1788-1856)
- Nocturne - Spanish Maria Nemenova-Лунц (piano) - Yakovlev, Alexander Yevgenyevich (1887-1938) portrait of a man

5107871_Yakovlev_Aleksandr_Myjsk (185x251, 74Kb)

5107871_Glinka_Mihail_Ivanovich_18041857 (100x146, 28Kb)

Glinka Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857)

- Nocturne in e flat major additionally to Olga Erdeli (harp) @ - a Polenov, Vasily Dmitrievich (1844-1927)
- Nocturne" Разлука" - Ulyanov, Nikolai Ivanovich (1875-1949)

5107871_Polenov_Vasilii_18441927_1 (185x251, 36Kb)5107871_Ylyanov_Nikolai (185x251, 40Kb)

5107871_Borodin_Aleksandr_Porfirevich_18331887 (100x146, 30Kb)

Borodin, Alexander Porfirievich (1833-1887)

- Nocturne for string @ - a Pokhitonov Ivan Pavlovich (1850-1923)

5107871_Pohitonov_Ivan_Pavlovich_18501923 (185x251, 45Kb)

5107871_Chaikovskii_Petr_Ilich_18401893 (100x146, 27Kb)

Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich (1840-1893)

- Nocturne Op. 19 No. 4 @ - a Maria Vishnyak

5107871_Vishnyak_Mariya (185x251, 46Kb)

kalachevskiy Mikhail Mikhailovich (1851-1907)

- Nocturne - Spanish Chamber orchestra Igor Lerman @ - a Nilus, Peter A. (1869-1940)

5107871_Nilys_Petr_18691940 (185x251, 42Kb)

5107871_Akimenko (100x146, 28Kb)

Akimenko Fyodor Stepanovich (1876-1945)

- Nocturne @ - a Welz Avgustovich Ivan (1866-1926)

5107871_Velc_Ivan_Avgystovich (185x251, 55Kb)

5107871_Shosiakovich (100x146, 28Kb)

Shostakovich Dmitry Dmitrievich (1906-1975)

- Nocturne @ - a Savrasov Alexey Kondratievich (1830-1897)

5107871_Savrasov_Aleksei_18301897 (185x251, 43Kb)

5107871_Myaskov_Konstantin (100x146, 30Kb)

Myaskov Konstantin Aleksandrovich (1921-2000)

- Nocturne - Use Mr Illyashevich (balalaika) - Moravians Alexander (1879-1951)

5107871_Moravov_Aleksandr_18791951 (185x251, 49Kb)

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