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There is in the art painting eternal theme, which was sung by artists of all times and peoples. Among these -" лошадиная theme". As it is with these wonderful and noble animals is associated with many myths and legends of almost all Nations of the earth, it is with them inseparable linked to the life of humanity itself, until recently. This is a gallery of exquisite paintings by the famous Polish artist Alfred Verush-Ковальского, whose works are reflected the theme of horses.
Тройка, преследуемая волками. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Troika pursued by wolves. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

Modern man is difficult to understand that until recently for people of the value of the horse was a hundred times more than now. In most countries of the world, until recently they were the only traction power, and a vehicle for far and near distances, they were indispensable in fighting battles, and in agricultural fields, and also accompanied people in all their life situations, fully sharing their fate. Therefore, this animal has often been one of the main images depicted in the paintings of old masters from different eras.

Наездница. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Rider. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

That Polish painter Verush-Ковальский one of the main characters of almost all his works chose this amazing animal, which was a faithful man, a friend and assistant in all areas of his life.

Охотник с гончими. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Hunter with hounds. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

I would Like to also point out that the image of the horse is a very difficult object to image, as its structure and nature. For in order to portray the horse in dynamics, that is, rushing headlong at breakneck speed, you need to have not just an enviable skill and ability and a great eye and imagination.

В ожидании хозяина. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

waiting for the master. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

And I must say that Alfred Verush-Ковальскому managed to do very successfully. With trepidation he went to work on the images of the horses that were an integral part of his narrative creations. And whether it"s hunting wild animals, or the competition between reckless drivers in the race, or rustic weddings and festive celebrations - the paintings always featured horses - beautiful, stately, hardy.

Охотники. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Hunters. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Санный караван. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Sledge caravan. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

a Few pages from the biography of the Polish painter

Alfred Verush-Ковальский (Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski) (1849-1915) @ - a Polish artist-реалист the Munich school was the first child in the family of notary. His childhood and adolescent years were spent in his parents " estate under Suwalki, in Russian Poland. On duty, his father was forced to leave with his family in Kalisz, where the son graduated from high school and takes his first lessons of painting. A little later, the love for drawing led Alfred to Warsaw, where the young man finishes his classes in drawing and painting, and then in Dresden and Munich, where he continued his education at the academies of fine arts. Finally aspiring artist honed his skills and developed the author"s handwriting in the Studio of famous Polish painter józef Brandt.

Польский художник Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski.

Polish artist Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski.

It was in Munich, which was in the 19th century the bustling centre of cultural life in Germany, to Kowalski and it"s recognition as an artist. There he opened his own Studio and settled permanently.

Весёлое катание. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Fun skiing. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

the Artistic genius of Alfred Verush-Ковальского was quickly recognized among art lovers, collectors and art dealers. And the fame of talented world-class master quickly spread not only across the country, and beyond. His narrative paintings enjoyed great popularity and received medals at numerous exhibitions and competitions.

На охоту. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

hunting. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

the artist"s Paintings, mostly depicting scenes of life in small villages and towns, often written with subtle humor, seemed so close that eagerly bought up. Often the stories were taken from the experienced person artist. Once a child Alfred along with his family, traveling in winter on a sled, had to endure the attack by the wolves. Then miraculously he survived, but the terrible experience etched in the memory forever. Hence, in-видимому, the artist has such a thirst for horses. After all, when-то thanks to the power and endurance of these animals, he was still alive.

«Катание на санях». (1883 год). Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

" Катание sleigh". (1883). Author: Alfred Verush-Ковальски. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

In 1890 he was elected honorary Professor of the Munich Academy. He died in Munich in the winter of 1915. And, 20 years later, his remains were transported home to Poland and interred at Warsaw.

Гонки. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Race. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Санный караван. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Sledge caravan. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Сельская свадьба. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

rural wedding. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.
Погоня волков. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

the Chase of wolves. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

a Truly magnificent gallery of paintings by Polish masters, delighting and, of course, the question is: how the artist had managed the believable and vividly capturing images moving at a wind speed of animals.

Охотник с гончими псами. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Hunter with hounds dogs. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

Also in the rich legacy of the artists included not only genre scenes from the life of the inhabitants of the towns and villages of their life and leisure time, but battle, historical painting.

Ветренный день. Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Windy day. Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

Paintings by Polish painter was highly prized during his lifetime, and today they are the adornment of many private collections in Germany and the USA, as well as the collections of some museums of Western Europe.

Автор: Альфред Веруш-Ковальски.

Author: Alfred Веруш-Ковальски.

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/100719/43622/

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