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The actor's fate. Ariadna Shengelaya and Lev Prygunov

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Film" Увольнение on the beach" in the early 60-х was met with hostility by the official critics, but loved by the common audience. After the release of the film in the Soviet cinema lit two new star – Lev Prygunov and Ariadna Shengelaya. Lev Prygunov and today continues to be removed. In addition to the movie, he writes poetry, found himself in painting – his exhibitions are held worldwide. Ariadna Shengelaya decided that she"d had enough – and left – both from the movie and from public life. The actress is completely dedicated to his family..

Lev Prygunov

Leo G. Jumpers. Date of birth: 23 April 1939 Place of birth: Alma-Ата. His mother worked as a school teacher of literature. Dad was a naturalist and a botanist. His father died in the mountains, when Leo was ten years old. The boy grew up, little attention is paid to reading, school of social life. After school, Leo decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. He entered the pedagogical Institute, intending to become a teacher of biology. Two years have passed, Leo was studying, but I understood that pedagogy is not interesting for him. As a student, Jumpers and met some interesting people. It was a well-read and highly educated students of the philological faculty. Logging in to their company, Leo realized that nothing, in fact, does not know. He began to read voraciously, filling in all the gaps that he created for twenty years. In the end, the young man realized that he wanted to learn in high school theater. Going to Leningrad, he became a student of the theatre Institute. The debut film was already in the third year.

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the Lion invited to audition for Moscow. It was a picture" Увольнение on the beach"." Они went East" - the film Giuseppe De Santis, the Soviet-итальянский a joint project. From-за conflict of the actor with the representatives of the KGB, always present on the set, it was closed the road on" Мосфильм". The film was successful and Russian actor began to invite to act abroad, but it was not allowed. So, he was forced to play in the pictures are not of the highest level. The exception was made only for Romania, which was invited Prygunov in his film" Тоннель". Interesting role went to actor in the movie" Дети don Quixote" @ - the role of Dima Bondarenko. From 1969-го for twenty-three years he was playing at the Theatre-студии actor. On the Moscow film Studio Prygunov returned the case. He helped people, far from the cinema. Since the seventies of the Jumpers was a lot to do, getting a variety of roles, most of which were quite successful.

14_1-2 (700x535, 35Kb)

the Most famous pictures of that time –" Сердце of Bonivura"," Безотцовщина"," Шаг from the roof"," Освобождение"," Пропавшая expedition"," Рожденная revolution" and" Как the steel was tempered". The first time the Director invited him to his picture" Без right for mistake"," Трактир on Pyatnitskaya". In the eighties Jumpers appeared in the films" Битва for Moscow"," Опасные friends"," Люблю. Wait. Lena" etc. Actor Lev Prygunov now also known as the artist. Lately Jumpers often starred in the television series.
Paintings of Lev Prygunov

263908 (700x466, 144Kb)

794773_600 (600x450, 87Kb)

fullsize (527x699, 185Kb)

Personal life

Jumpers have always loved to draw. Even as a child he took private drawing lessons. For life will seek to learn wherever I had the chance. The first professional painting was painted in 1971-ом year in Germany. Later he studied painting from case to case. At home he has a workshop where he spends a lot of time. The first solo exhibition of his paintings was held in Moscow in 1983-ем year. His paintings are in many private collections not only in our country but also abroad. The actor is the son of a Roman from his first marriage, whom he raised himself. They always had friendly relations. Of the son he loves, however, was able to raise his unspoiled by man. Jumpers are married. Wife"s name is Olga. They are together for more than twenty years. The actor is happy that his life has a woman, he considers himself a lucky man.

Full text: https://uznayvse.ru/znamenitosti/biografiya-lev-prygunov.html

border=Ariadna Shengelaya

.Fragile beauty," графиня Soviet cinema" – so his contemporaries called Ariadne Shengelia. The artist, who was succeeded in the role of aristocratic personages, was well known and loved by millions of viewers, popular in theater and film, and then suddenly disappeared from the field of view to a wide audience, becoming a recluse. Childhood and youth early years, the biography of the artist is little known.

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the Girl with the poetic name of ancient Greek myths and legends was born 13 Jan 1937 in Tashkent, now the capital of Uzbekistan, in the family Sprink. Father Vsevolod Eduardovich – is a Russified German. His ancestors moved to Russian Empire in the days of Peter the Great. Mother Anna p. Lyubimov – Russian. Both parents lived in Moscow. There they met, and to move to distant Tashkent decided from-за gaining momentum Stalinist repression. In the year of birth for Ada parents decided to return to Moscow, but the father of-за of German origin were arrested and sentenced to exile. A quarter of a century he spent in the camps, rehabilitated only in 1955-м. The mother of the girl managed to move to the capital. Here she graduated from high school and enrolled at the VGIK them. S. A. Gerasimov. In 1960-м she received her diploma and joined the troupe of the Tbilisi Russian drama theater. A. S. Griboedov. In the first film, Ariadna Vsevolodovna starred student. Romance" Екатерина Voronin" in the work of the same name by Anatoly Rybakov 1957 brought her the role of Irina Ledneva. In the filmography of the actress subsequently, there will be over 40 paintings. A year later played Tatiana in the film adaptation of" Евгения Onegin" by Roman Tikhomirov. For his work in the film-опере she won first prize at the Moscow film festival and main prize at the all-Union festival in Kiev.

sjdjfmvby2ul-ariadna-shengelaia-v-molodosti (525x700, 52Kb)

Next came a brilliant Comedy" Осторожно, grandma!", and again a major role. In 1963-м appeared" Белый caravan", nominated for" Золотую palm" festival in Cannes. The author of the tape was made by her husband, who shot her husband in the lead role. One of the most iconic paintings in the fate of the actress was" Гранатовый bracelet". Standing in the way of Princess the Shein, it found its role. For a sophisticated style of play, and the aristocracy called it" графиней Soviet cinema", and Directors wanted to get Ariadne to singer handsome young ladies of a bygone era. During the 1960s-х year came out to 3 films with her participation. In the next 20 years also appeared, and in 1990-х was noted only in 5 scenes. Among them" Барышня-крестьянка" on motives of stories of Pushkin. Last role on the screen was Khan in tape" Бабий Yar" telling about the shootings in the same area in the Ukraine in 1941. On the theatrical career of the actress also a lot of brilliant roles.

Personal life

the First time the actress got married young, in the second year of Cinematography. Her partner was studying at the same University at the directing Department. He is a native of Georgia, son of the famous parents, the people"s artist and art worker Eldar Shengelaya. The young man he was hot temper and a quick temper, but Ariadna has become a true Oriental wife – soft, caring, accommodating. Immediately after graduation, the young family moved to Tbilisi. The marriage produced children. Senior NATO, the second - Katja was born in 1967-м. The Union lasted for 22 years. In an interview with Eg.ru the youngest daughter Katja said:" Мама dad is not easy disperse. Details even not want to remember". After the breakup, the actress returned to Moscow, lived in the two cities. Second husband was Igor Kopchenko, announcer and actor of dubbing. Worked at" Культуре" was considered" фирменным" voice of the channel. In 2003, Igor Petrovich died suddenly of a heart attack before the age of 57 years. Ariadna Vsevolodovna heavily experienced loss. Shortly thereafter, disappeared from the field of view of the filmmakers and the audience, refused roles, interviews and public appearances.

original (700x507, 95Kb)

Ariadna Shengelaya now

In 2017, the artist celebrated the anniversary of 80 years. Congratulations on this day for her adopted daughter. About the personal life of the actress, little is known. After the death of her husband devoted herself to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now he lives in Tbilisi and spends time surrounded by family. Occasionally relatives are in Moscow, where the actress flat, but Georgia was left of their home.

the Full text https://24smi.org/celebrity/31673-ariadna-shengelaia.html

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