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Integral and sensitive nature of the painter"s life was completely absorbed by the theme of the Russian countryside, its nature and people, the wise, centuries of the emerging people"s way of life. All this and devoted Arkady Plastov your bright and powerful talent. And I will not be mistaken if I say that his creative heritage is the future. And it has 10 of his paintings included in the gold reserves of the national culture. And that"s not counting the fact that a great number of paintings of the painter, written before 1931 was destroyed in a fire.

artwork the member of the Academy of Arts, laureate of State prizes, people"s artist of the USSR - Arcadia Plastov have already become classics of Russian art of the twentieth century and continue to struggle for the spiritual revival of the nation and of all mankind. The most valuable exhibits are stored in the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, Russian Museum and other Russian and foreign museums.

a Few words from the biography of folk artist

«Витя-подпасок». 1951<br>the State Russian Museum. Author: А.А.Пластов.State Russian Museum. Author: А.А.Пластов." vspace="5"/>

" Витя-подпасок". 1951
State Russian Museum. Author: AA Plastov.

Originally Arkady Plastov (1893-1972) from the village of prislonikha near Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk region). It is here and will be the life and creative path of the artist. The villagers enthusiastically told about the extraordinary fine mental organization of little Arcady, from which, in their opinion, could understand the language of the land. He talked to everyone that surrounded him. Could often to watch as the boy in the evenings with sunset talks, and in the spring the grass growing tips, and gives it, not to mention the Pets who knew him as" своего". And apparently, so parents prepared for his son the destiny of the spiritual mentor that he changed.

Из серии «Великие художники». Автор: А.А.Пластов.

From the" Великие artists". Author: AA Plastov.

His grandfather Grigory was a rural architect, and was engaged in iconography. According to his projects at the time, temples were built in the Chinar and the surrounding villages. Grigory Gavrilovich with his son Alexander, father of Arkady, painted a Church in Sansepolcro, and some of his icons have survived to this day. He his love of art gave to the son, and through him his grandson. However, as often happens, the parents, wishing good to the child, the future Arcady seen in the service of God. And after three years of education rural schools 10-летнего the boy sent for training in Simbirsk religious school, where after five years, Arkady comes to a theological Seminary.
Из серии «Великие художники». Автор: А.А.Пластов.

From the" Великие artists". Author: AA Plastov.

And once in 15-летнего guy lasting impression the work of the artel of icon painters, restavriruemogo Church murals in his native Sansepolcro. It was from that time he was determined that whatever was to be a painter.

Из серии «Великие художники». Автор: А.А.Пластов.

From the" Великие artists". Author: AA Plastov.

after Graduating from Seminary, Arkady, are determined, in 1912, went to Moscow and entered the capital of the Stroganov-промышленное school, and two years later at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, sculpture Department. In parallel, attends painting classes in the workshops of A. E. Arkhipov, A. M. Korin, A. S. Stepanova.

Из цикла «Житье-бытье». Автор: А.А.Пластов.

From the cycle" Житье-бытье". Author: AA Plastov.

After the 1917 revolution, the Reservoirs returned to his native land, where, along with economic and social work took up painting. He painted from life the portraits of his fellow villagers and their children, included in the cycle of paintings devoted to the village life, under the name" Житье-бытье".

«Василий Павлович Гундоров». (1949-1950 г.г.) Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Василий p. Gundorov". (1949-1950 gg) Author: AA Plastov.

One day, the unexpected happened, burned down the house of the artist, and all the work that he managed to write, was destroyed: not survived any sketch, any sketch. This tragedy became a turning point in the life of Arkady. Was 1931, and 40-летний Layers is left with almost nothing, he had to start from scratch. He firmly decides to leave field work and devote himself to painting. The artist again takes up the brush, and it will take another forty years of tireless work — and a number of his works will be nearly 10 thousand exhibits. Some of the portraits, most of them written of the villagers, numbering in the hundreds, not to mention landscapes, still lifes and genre paintings.

«Петя Тоньшин». (1947 год)./ «Портрет Коли с кошкой». (1936 год). Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Петя Tongsin". (1947)./" Портрет If a cat". (1936). Author: AA Plastov.

dip into the creative process, Layers regularly visits exhibitions of the Wanderers, Russian artists-классиков, learning from them and adopting their best achievements. What will-то four years and the artist comes the fame. In 1935-м at the exhibition in Moscow was first exhibited painting Plastov:" Стрижка sheep"," На haymaking"," Колхозная stable". That was the debut of the artist began to exhibit at all the major art exhibitions.

«Купание коней». (1938 год). Государственный Русский музей. Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Купание horses". (1938). The state Russian Museum. Author: AA Plastov.

However, the most significant work of Arkady Plastov at that time was recognized the picture" Купание horses" created in 1938, to the anniversary exhibition" XX years, the Russian red Army" and is considered the most free and sincere picture of his time. Having written it, Seams emerged as an artist and gained widespread popularity.

Этюд к картине «Купание коней». (1937–1938 г.г.) Автор: А.А.Пластов.

study for the painting" Купание horses". (1937-1938 gg) Author: AA Plastov.

the Composition of this fabric, built on the harmonious combination of movement and static, full of numerous images of young boys and horses, which are interwoven in a single whirl. And its emotional background is literally permeated with a sense of joy, youth and enthusiasm. Layers, excellent sense of form, wrote the figures are almost sculptural: not in vain his sculpture classes. Juicy same plein-air painting, enchanting play of sun reflexes on wet bodies and the water swell, saturated contrasts - all this causes the viewer with a lasting impression.

«Петр Григорьевич Черняев с граблями». (1940 год). Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Петр G. Chernyaev with a rake". (1940). Author: AA Plastov.

Performance Plastov was awesome. So, inspired by what-либо motivation in life, he was able to rewrite it several times in different seasons, changing and complicating the task of art, honing artistic skills to the promised perfection. So, using centuries-old traditions, and creating your own techniques, he has made his priceless contribution to the development of the Russian school of painting.

«Тройка». Ребятишки у речки». Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Тройка". Kids in the river". Author: AA Plastov.

«Весна». (1954 год).#8#Государственная Третьяковская галерея. Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Весна". (1954).
State Tretyakov gallery. Author: AA Plastov.

«Мама». (1964 год). Третьяковская галерея. Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Мама". (1964). The Tretyakov gallery. Author: AA Plastov.

«Юность». (1953-1954 г.г.) Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Юность". (1953-1954 gg) Author: AA Plastov.

throughout his creative career from the living truth, the artist went to the high poetic truth of the generalizations "к comprehension of the inner nature and order of things and the ability to find in life most importantly ... the grain of being, without which no true art, but only a soulless, mirrored натурализм".

«Колхозный праздник» 1938 Государственный Русский музей. Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Колхозный holiday" 1938 the State Russian Museum. Author: AA Plastov.

it Will take time, and Arkady Plastov recognize the Creator of the best managed to rise to the heights of the generalization of the majestic image of the common man and nature, harmonious interaction.


And now for those who went to school in Soviet times. Remember the ear of the textbooks of the Soviet period, which were literally filled with reproductions of paintings by Arkady Plastov. I remember them from childhood. And you?

Ужин трактористов. (1961 год). Автор: А.А.Пластов.

Dinner tractor. (1961). Author: AA Plastov.

«Жатва». (1945 год). Третьяковская галерея. Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Жатва". (1945). The Tretyakov gallery. Author: AA Plastov.

in conclusion, I would like to say that the unique gift of the artist lay in his ability to go from momentary to the eternal: the concreteness of the life stories found under his brush is truly a metaphorical meaning. And the desire to convey through images of the ordinary peasants and their way of life deep philosophical meaning characteristic of the artist"s technique, formed the basis of the author"s handwriting and style.

«Полдень». (1961 год). Государственный Русский музей. Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Полдень". (1961). The state Russian Museum. Author: AA Plastov.

To the last breath Arkady Plastov lived and labored among his countrymen, never separating himself from them. He so convincingly and passionately recreate the little world of the village and its inhabitants in his paintings that sometimes seem like his creations grew out of the life itself, revealing its higher, hidden meaning.

«Сенокос». (1945 год). Третьяковская галерея. Автор: А.А.Пластов.

" Сенокос". (1945). The Tretyakov gallery. Author: AA Plastov.

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