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Lies about the affair of the convoy of His Imperial Majesty

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I don"t understand what kind of voluntary abdication of the Emperor is it 100 [email protected];

1.Extract from the tape of a conversation by direct wire, General Lukomsky with General Danilov:" ...please report me to General Ruzsky, that in my opinion there is no choice, and renunciation has to take place. We must remember that the entire Royal Family is in the hands of the rebel troops, because the information received in the Palace in Tsarskoye Selo occupied, as yesterday have informed you, General Klembovsky"." If you do not agree, then likely there will be further incidents that could threaten the Royal Children..."
2.Extract from the tape of a conversation by direct wire General Lemovskogo with General Everton:" ...All the Commander in chief reported the same thing. Time is short, every minute counts, otherwise no way. The Emperor hesitates. The unanimous opinion of the Commanders might encourage Him to make a decision, the only way to save Russia and the Dynasty. The delay in resolving the issue Rodzianko does not guarantee the preservation of peace, all of which can result in disastrous anarchy."" It should be borne in mind that the Tsarskoye Selo Palace and Royal Family guarded the insurgent troops"...

As a General Klembovsky, and General Lukomsky, on the basis of false information, said the generals Evert and Danilov lied about the position in the Tsar"s Palace.

Posts Lemovskogo generals Lukomsky and the headquarters of the Western and Northern fronts were adopted until noon March 2.

the King and all the commander in chief of the plain text report that the entire Royal family hostage. If there is no renunciation, all cut out.


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