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Her name became known thanks to Alexander Pushkin, who dedicated to Anna Kern poem" Я remember a wonderful moment". By the time the meeting with the poet she was already married, but about personal happiness of the young woman"s speech did not go. His wife yermolai Kern Anna hated. Throughout family life she was in love, and as a result the reputation of the General"s wife was hopelessly flawed. But your true happiness Anna Kern found in 36 in face 16-летнего Alexander Маркова-Виноградского.

a Fleeting vision

Анна Керн. Рисунок Александра Пушкина, 1829./ Фото: www.yandex.net

Anna Kern. The Figure Of Alexander Pushkin, 1829./ Photo: www.yandex.net

Anna Poltoratskaya was not yet 17 years old when father gave her in marriage to 52-летнего of yermolai Kern. Peter Markovic Poltoratskiy was determined that the husbands of Anna is good only General, and because all the suitors, who had no such titles, simply had no chance.

the Marriage turned to a young girl a living nightmare. She not only loved her husband, but is not even felt respect for him. And bitterly confessed that she almost hates. However, the yermolai Fedorovich mental anguish of the young wife did not care.

Ермолай Фёдорович Керн./ Фото: www.holiday-trips.ru

Yermolai Fedorovich Kern./ Photo: www.holiday-trips.ru

Daughter born to wife, was not called in Anna warm feelings. Ekaterina Ermolaevna was raised in the Smolny Institute, Anna lived for only 4 years, and Olga died at the age of seven.

Anna Kern was desperate to love and be loved. She followed, as befits the General"s wife for her husband from city to city. She found solace, visiting at infrequent social events, where they caught the admiring glances of men. As you know, under the spell of a young Kern was the Alexander Pushkin, who devoted her line.

Елена Шипицова «Рождение образа. Портрет А. С. Пушкина»./ Фото: www.prlib.ru

Elena Shipitsova" Рождение image. Portrait of A. S. Pushkin"./ Photo: www.prlib.EN

Anna Kern did not attach much importance to this passion and ardent declarations of the poet: for him for a long time its fame as a womanizer. Yes, and its true relation to the ladies, whom he was fond, was known. Undoubtedly, Pushkin"s attention, she was flattered, but in the life of Anna Kern was more serious novels.

In the diaries of young women 1819 mentioned a man in her records she was called rose Hips. Later she had affair with landowner Arkady Rodzianko, and in 1825 she was passionate about cousin Alex Wolfe.

Алексей Вульф./ Фото: www.wikimedia.org

Alex Wolff./ Photo: www.wikimedia.org

In 1827, finally saying goodbye to her husband, Anna Kern settled in St. Petersburg. By the time her reputation was completely ruined in polite society it was considered rejected. However, this does not hurt the young woman again and again to attempt to find happiness.

the Age of love not a hindrance

Репродукция портрета Анны Керн. Художник Иван Жерен./ Фото: www.wikimedia.org

Reproduction of portrait of Anna Kern. Artist Ivan Gérin./ Photo: www.wikimedia.org

In 1836, Anna Kern met his true love. The young cadet First cadet corps of St. Petersburg Alexander Markov-Виноградский, her own second cousin, took possession of all the thoughts and feelings of a woman. When I first met him was only 16 years old, she has already turned 36. But could the age to prevent them from being happy?

Sasha Markov-Виноградский was ready to do anything for the one loved with all his youthful passion. He had the wisdom not to pay attention to the condemnation of society. The boy was absolutely still, what is next in his career, he wasn"t going to listen to negative remarks about his beloved women from their families and material prosperity could not compare with the happiness to be near with beloved Anna.

Александр Марков-Виноградский./ Фото: www.holiday-trips.ru

Alexander Markov-Виноградский./ Photo: www.holiday-trips.ru

the Young woman who met her love, instantly changed. She stopped to take the balls and men"s admiring glances. It almost ceased to appear in society and fully indulged in a quiet family happiness.

In 1839 was born the son of lovers, which Anna named Alexander. With him she realized what a real mother"s feelings.

After the death of his legal wife in 1841 Anna Kern could expect to receive a very decent pension, but a year later she married a loved one, refusing all privileges of a General"s widow.

Анна Керн./ Фото: www.odiummedia.com

Anna Kern./ Photo: www.odiummedia.com

Spouse Markov-Виноградские was incredibly happy, despite the material hardships and outright poverty. Alexander had special talents, and to provide for his family he were not so good. But with all this, he could not breathe on his wife endlessly confessed his love for her and thanked God for given him the good fortune to be husband" его душечки".

Anna Petrovna was echoed by her husband and admitted in the letters relative to poverty is their joy, if the couple lots of love.

for Nearly 40 years, Anna Petrovna and Alexander V. Markov-Виноградские was happy. They were very poor, sometimes desperately needed. After the release of the spouse to the pension Anna Petrovna was forced to sell for a song addressed to her Pushkin"s letters.

Символическая могила Анны Керн на кладбище в Прутне./ Фото: www.lfly.ru

Symbolic grave of Anna Kern cemetery in Pruteni./ Photo: www.lfly.EN

Alexander died in January, 1879, from cancer and four months left this world and Anna Petrovna. 40-летний the son of the Markov-Виноградских shortly after the death of his parents committed suicide. To life alone, he was absolutely not adapted.

One of the most famous works of Mikhail Glinka, in addition to operas and symphonic pieces, is the song" Я remember a wonderful moment" to the verses by A. Pushkin. But the most surprising is that and poet, and composer at different times were inspired by the women between them had more in common than one name for two.

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/110619/43360/

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